Friday, June 21, 2013

omaha zoo

So, again, I am finding myself having to rewind the updates and later file them in the month in which they actually happened.  Because I'm way behind (my excuse is that we moved, but I'd probably be behind no matter what).  So let's rewind to June, shall we?

We decided to take a little last minute spontaneous trip to Omaha.  It was our 10th anniversary weekend, and I just wanted to do something.  We were in the middle of the busiest summer of our lives with trying to sell our house (3 times!), pack, and move.  A vacation was just not in the cards.  I had to remind Craig what we had discussed on our very romantic and incredibly amazing Hawaiian Honeymoon... when we talked about where we'd be in ten years.  We said we'd have a couple kids (check!), a house (check... sort of!), and we would be going back to Hawaii on our 10 year anniversary.  Yeah, the part about having a child with a CHD, the medical bills, changing jobs, taking time off... none of that was in the cards at that time either.  Oh how young and in love we were... looking back at our innocence and how much has changed since then almost takes my breath away.  We could have never predicted.

Anyway.  We took a trip.  A mini-vacation, if you will.  It was enough to satisfy my need to "go somewhere," even if the place was not exactly the tropical paradise I had planned.

The best part for me was... we brought the kids.  I know what you're thinking... that was the best part?  Ha!  But seriously.  I absolutely love being with my little family- all four of us.  And what better way to celebrate our milestone anniversary but with the little people who have made our lives complete.
I had been wanting to take them to the Omaha Zoo for a while now.  Kerigan had so much fun at our local zoo, which is like one tiny section of the Omaha Zoo!  
We had a great time, although it was hot!  Lately the weather has been so cool and beautiful- it's funny to think back that we picked the hottest weekend of the summer to visit the zoo.
We went to the Lied Jungle first- my favorite.  It is a huge, indoor, 2 level rainforest.  It has amazing and unique animals and the kids loved it.
My little monkey!
For some reason I always love these sloths.  I have been to this zoo more times than I can count on field trips with my students every year- and this sloth is always one of my favorites.  I don't know why!  They are super boring!  Ha!
There are neat little caves and tunnels and lots of exploring for the kids.

Cooling off in the sting ray fountain!
Daddy and Andrew on the sky coaster
My little girl rode with me and I loved taking her.  She was so sweet and loved it!  I just remember back when she was a baby and we went to the KC zoo, daddy had to stay back with her when Andrew and I rode the sky coaster.  Now she's such a big girl!
For some reason, Andrew is just so natural around gorillas and monkeys!  Ha!
I know, I know.  Maybe a tad inappropriate.  But it's a little bit funny, dont'cha think?
We could literally sit and watch the gorillas
They are just fascinating!  And super funny.  The kids just giggle and get such a kick out of them!
The zoo had a special exhibit when we were there- Dinosaurs Alive!
This just makes me laugh- silly boys!
They are seriously twins!
I loved how they had them all set up outside like they were just in their natural environment.  So cool!
Kerigan even enjoyed them this time.  She kept saying "ROAR!"

She has really started loving carousels.  She loves to pick out which animal to sit on.
Andrew was proud of his choice!  A scary dragon!
We loved the "Creatures of the Night."  It was all indoor, dark and COOL (as in, the temperature).  We could have stayed there all day too!  Andrew was so fascinated with the alligators.  I think he counted over 20 of them by the time we were done.  He kept saying "take a picture!  take a picture!" but none of them were turning out in the dark, but this one was kinda cool!
I wasn't happy with his smile in picture #1, so I kept telling him to smile bigger, so picture #2 is what I got!  Ha!
One of their sweet moments!  Ha!
My other favorite part of this zoo- the penguins.  I would seriously be happy sitting by the window and watching them the whole day.  I love how they waddle over to the edge, you can tell they are thinking about jumping in, and then they jump, glide and pop up back on the rocks.  They are so cute!  I didn't get a good picture, but we all had a great time watching them!
This was something new and fun they added- you stepped on this little pad and it made splashes like you were really stepping in water.  So cool!  Occupied the kids for a long time!
The aquarium was also nice and cool so we hung out in here for a while!
We love the water animals too- lots of sting rays, sharks and turtles!
We had a great day at the zoo celebrating!  It was so nice spending our anniversary all together!

More pictures from our trip coming soon...

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