Saturday, June 8, 2013

dreamnight at the zoo

Let's rewind to the beginning of summer, shall we??  I am admitting that I cannot seem to catch up, and between moving and unpacking, this blog has officially become outdated.  My goal is always to catch up, but my wheels seem to be spinning.  We finally just got the internet installed in our new house so we are back in the real world again!  I promise a house tour will be coming soon!  I still have mountains of boxes to unpack, but tonight I'm choosing to put those aside and do some catching up... my fingers have almost forgotten how to type!

I saw this on Facebook and I just think it speaks volumes.  It is so true.  It has changed me for the better.  Without a doubt.
Every year the zoo puts on this event for families of children with special needs.  Everything is free, including zoo admission, and they serve food and beverages and it's always a great time!  This particular night it was raining- it seemed to rain the entire month of June!  But it started and stopped enough that we could enjoy most of the activities and animals. 
 Andrew made me laugh in the picture with Shrek- normally he loves characters, but not Shrek!  Ha!  I think he was a little scared of him (and can you blame him??)  But I made him go stand there and he made a face at the camera!  Ha!
They always have lots of characters and if you know our family (with the exception of Kerigan) you know we love meeting characters!
We hung out a lot at the inside exhibits to stay dry... this jeep is always fun, and the tigers walk right behind it- you can see them through the windows.
This was an indoor swamp!
The new exhibit is the rhinos- they are just adding the outdoor part so the rhino was inside.
Which worked out perfect because of the rain... and we could see him really up close.  Up close enough for Andrew to almost get peed on by him!  It shot straight out right towards us, and we all jumped back!  Andrew thought it was super funny!

Kerigan is at the perfect zoo age- she is just mesmerized by the animals.  This wasn't her first zoo trip, but it was the first time she actually knew what was going on.
This was my favorite thing ever... do you see how Kerigan is standing, legs bent, staring motionless at the giraffe?
This is how she looked at it, and she never moved.  She was completely enthralled.
I just love these pictures of her amazed face!  Ha!
Giraffes are her obvious favorite animal of choice!  

Tiger feeding time!
Recently they added a new sea lion and seal exhibit that is really nice.  Andrew was cracking me up, pretending to fall!
I made him be serious and smile and this is one of my favorite pictures of him ever!

Riding the train!
I think Kerigan was a little nervous about the train, but she kept repeating over and over "It's not scary, it's FUN!"  Ha!  I think she was trying to convince herself!
She looks a little scared!  Ha!
She loved the slides at the zoo park!
But not so much walking through the dinosaur bones!

And I'm ending with this... because it is my favorite picture EVER!  My little girl is obsessed with princesses.  And that is putting it mildly.  She is a princess herself, and she loves everything about them, dresses, shoes, bows, jewelry, you name it.  She knows pretty much every princess by name.  These are two of her very favorites.  So on the way out, we saw them standing there and I just about died because I figured she would just go nuts over them!  She was very apprehensive and shy, and she would not stand by them.  So they were sweet and offered to sit down with her.  So I plopped her in between them and she sat there like this!  HA!  It was THE funniest thing I've ever seen!  She didn't cry, didn't try to get down, just sat there and pouted!  Oh, and notice she didn't forget to pose like a princess though!  That girl is one silly kid!  Oh how I love her!!

We had a great time at Dreamnight, even though most of the other heart families went the previous night (we couldn't go then) and it was a beautiful, sunny evening for them!  Ha!  I was a little jealous but we made the best of it!  We can't wait to go back next year!

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