Tuesday, June 18, 2013

karate kid

Andrew finished up his Taekwondo class and I had to do an update because he absolutely loved it.  I think he finally found his "niche."
We have tried soccer, T-ball and various other activities and he has never been that excited about anything.  Every time it was time for a game he would not want to go.  But this was different.  He asked when it was Taekwondo time, and he had the days memorized and looked forward to them.
This was one of his first classes (he started in January and took class through the semester).  This seems so long ago, look at how little Kerigan looks!  Ha!
Daddy took him the first time and texted me this picture.  I was so excited he had found something he enjoyed.
Kerigan went to most of the classes with me and sat in the chair and watched her brother really well!  I was worried about how she would behave but she did really good most of the time.
After a certain amount of classes, they get new belts.  This was the first ceremony where Andrew received his yellow belt.
He was so excited to get his "promotion."

I love how Taekwondo encourages good behavior and respect.  Excellent things for him to continue to learn.
Kerigan with her little bag of snacks!  That's what got her through every class!  Ha!
My little man with his yellow belt!  Way to go Andrew!
Of course I think he feels like Taekwondo is like what the Ninja Turtles do!  He drew this picture of the turtles and I thought it was so cute.  I copied it onto his birthday thank yous.
In school he came home with this story "I had my birthday party at a ninja place."  (it was a Taekwondo studio!  I love that he called it a ninja place- ha!)  By the way, as a side note... this was back in February and he was writing in all capital letters.  His writing looks so much nicer and different now!  He writes with lowercase and much smaller.  I think he has learned more than we thought!
This was his promotion ceremony to an orange belt.

This was his very last class so I had to take some pictures!
I loved this one!

Andrew was sad to be done with his last class, but I promised him that I would enroll him again when we move to our new town.  He can't wait to get started again and I'm so happy he's found an activity to enjoy and make new friends!

"I'm a Little Dragon,
Oh so strong.
Learning each day what's right and wrong.
During this class, I know I'll find
Honesty for the heart
And knowledge for my mind.
Dressed in purple, green and white
This class will teach me might for right!"

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