Saturday, June 15, 2013


More June catch ups!  See, it's amazing we even got packed and ready to move with all the things we did before the big day, isn't it??  I know you are all dying to see pictures of our new house and hear about our move, and trust me when I say, you don't want to see pictures yet!  I took "before" pictures, and the "after" ones aren't quite ready yet.  It'll take me a while!  I've still got a garage full of boxes (and most of the house in boxes too!) and 16 loads of laundry.  Thank goodness our new washer and dryer arrived yesterday- it's getting a work out!  I am sifting through boxes, but basically that's where I pull our clothes out of every day- a box.  But most days...we just stay in our pj's!  Ha!

Anyway, moving on...
We can't miss a heartwalk!  We have gone every year since Andrew was born.  The size of our team has dwindled a little bit as Andrew has gotten older, which makes me a little bit sad because it means more to him NOW, at his age, when his family and friends come out to support him.  But we know we have a huge team of supporters and the timing doesn't always work out for all of them to attend!
This little man is OUR HERO!
I cannot stop laughing about the fact that Kerigan is 4 years younger and her legs are bigger than Andrew's!  Ha!  He is still all skin and bones!
They just make me smile!
My handsome little survivor!
I am just in love with these pictures of him.

I hadn't planned for a photo shoot, but I got some great ones!  I just took the kids up on the capitol steps for a few pictures before the walk started!

I love this!  Showing off his muscles with the Des Moines skyline in the background!
He always loves the bouncy slides!
Ga Ga and her girl!
Andrew's face just lit up when these two showed up!  When he is with his cousins, he is in his very happiest place!  When people ask him who his best friend is, he says every time "Evie Jayden."  I love how he refers to them like they are one person!  Ha!  And that even though they are also his family, he still refers to them as his best friends.  So special!
Andrew's other buddy "little" Andrew.  These two are heart survivors and we always love spending time with Andrew and his family!  His little sister and Kerigan are friends too!
Me and my boy- oh how I love him!!

Munching on her cheerios!!

Walking proudly for CHD!
It was so sweet, as they were walking along, this sweet lady was walking by us with her husband and asking us about Andrew.  She had tears in her eyes and was telling us about her new grandbaby that was just born with a CHD.  She and her husband were walking for her, and she just seemed so sad and concerned.  It was so nice being able to offer her some hope.  She said seeing Andrew really helped.  They wanted to take a picture of him to show their daughter.  I just remember feeling that helpless early on, and was so desperate to hear a success story.  I was so happy to share Andrew's story and I pray that it offered them all that hope I know they crave.
This was the funniest thing we saw!  Ha!  The kids got a big kick out of the dog in a tutu!  I was more thrown off by the older man in a tutu, but oh well!  Ha!
Uncle Jay and Jayden
Kerigan even got out of her throne wagon to walk for her brother!
Too precious for words.
Our 2013 team!  And Craig's shirt??  Yep, it's pink.  I was so stressed about him wearing it and told him I wasn't taking any pictures of him all day because he refused to wear anything else!  His orange shirt was packed (ah the joys of moving!), so I suggested he wear something similar in color.  Uncle Jay chose to blend in, but I bet no one noticed he didn't have his shirt either!  Only Craig.  Ha!
The classic cousin pic!
Silly face!
These mimes were super funny.  Evie was watching them for a long time and then decided she wanted to have her picture taken with them!  So Andrew jumped in too!  Ha!
Thanks for coming Ga Ga and Papa!  They have never missed a walk, but more importantly, have been there through every step of our journey with Andrew.  Both of them would drop anything to help us out and they have on many occasions.  We can't thank them enough for their support and everything they do for us!  Love you Ga Ga and Papa!
Love this pic of Papa and Kerigan by the finish line!  Kerigan just loves Papa.  Whenever we see him she just lights up.  The other day we met them for dinner and when she saw him she said "Oh HI Papa!"  It was so adorable!
Love this!
Andrew with his Uncle Jay, Aunt Rachel, and cousins.  We also can't say enough about the support we have gotten from their family.  Not only are they there for us when Andrew has been in the hospital, they are always there to visit, or when we need a hand with the kids (or help with the move!  Ha!) or hanging a TV (thanks Jason!) but we just genuinely love hanging out together and we also think of them not just as family, but as friends too.  And we love that.  We love you guys- thanks for all of your support!

The heartwalk is a very special time for our family.  It's like Andrew's "heart" birthday.  I have found over the years that I forget the dates of his surgeries.  There have been three, and they are always in my mind...but they get pushed back farther and farther when events like this occur.  For me, celebrating his heart is what's important.  Celebrating everything he has been through and how far he's come.  It is nothing short of a miracle, and the heartwalk is just another opportunity for us to have a party, and for Andrew to SHINE!

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