Tuesday, June 11, 2013

rain, rain go away!

We have had the craziest spring, it has just not stopped raining!  It seems like every time we want to do something, play outside or do something outside... it rains.  I got the kids new umbrellas and they love them!  It's a good thing, because they've been getting some good use!
Our basement has also been getting used more than we'd like!  One week we had 2 tornado warnings 2 days in a row.  Luckily I had cleaned up our basement for showings so the kids had a few things to play with and a cleared off pool table!
This was tornado warning day 2.  By this time the kids thought this was normal to head to the basement after dinner!  Ha!  Thankfully the tornados passed us and we had no damage.
Andrew had been begging to play T-Ball and it was raining but we finally gave in and he and daddy went out and played in the rain anyway!  Andrew took off his shirt because he hates wet clothes!  Ha!
As you can see, he thought it was great!  You can't see the rain in the picture, but it was coming down! I'm sure it will be remembered as a fond memory with daddy!  (Craig was having more fun than he looks!  Ha!  He is always so thrilled when I get out my camera for every little thing!)
Papa and Ga Ga came to eat out with us and I thought this was so cute.  She loves books and wanted Ga Ga to read to her.
Andrew photo bombed the picture!  Ha!
I had to chuckle when we went to eat she grabbed her Dora purse and would not put it down.  Such a little girly girl!
We love Cherry Berry!  We took the kids here for the first time on a nice evening after dinner.  Kerigan has a new love!
She loved putting all the candies in her cup and she just went to town eating it!
She was a huge mess!
Just a random picture of her in the car, mad about something!  Ha!  This is her "lip"- sad face.  She seriously makes me laugh every time she does this.
I loved this-  one of their sweet moments.
We went to breakfast with Ga Ga and Papa the other morning when our house had a showing and the cook made the kids Mickey Mouse pancakes!  These were definitely not on the menu, but they just liked our kids!  Aren't they so cute!  They were delicious too!
This just cracks me up of her.  Standing in the middle of the store after we ate.  She was playing dress up with my mom's necklace and refused to take it off.  It completes the look, doesn't it?  Ha!
We went to our cousins for Jayden's birthday party the other weekend.  It rained again.  And it was cold!  The kids were playing with sidewalk chalk before it started raining.  I posted this on Facebook and one of my friends comments made me laugh "drawing outlines of bodies on your driveway is really going to help you sell your house!"  Ha!
Evie drew Minnie Mouse for Kerigan and she was so thrilled!

Jayden got this fun trampoline for his birthday and Kerigan had a blast playing on it!
On Memorial Day weekend we usually go to the lake to put the boat in but it was another yucky, rainy weekend so we didn't go.  The kids were standing on Grandpa Bill's grave here.  I love this picture of them.

Andrew loves making "campfires" so he wanted to make one for Grandpa Bill.  So sweet!  How dad would love them and be so proud of them.  I know he watches us every day and is always with us.
This is my new favorite picture ever.  I ordered a big canvas of it to hang in our bathroom in our new house.  Andrew had been in the tub and Kerigan had just gotten out and got her jammies on.  She refuses to go anywhere without her Cinderella slippers and doll.  I went to check on Andrew and he had gotten out of the tub (thank goodness!  ha!) to go potty and Kerigan sat right down and started chatting with him.  This is what they were doing when I checked on them.  I could have died it was so sweet.    He was obviously telling her something pretty exciting!  Ha!
I realized I never take pictures of them sleeping anymore.  Andrew wasn't really sleeping here yet, but he cracked me up with the blanket over his head!  He did fall asleep like this!
She was so funny.  I went to check on her one night and she had a paci in her mouth and one in her hand!  Oh boy!  Breaking this habit might be harder than I thought!  Ha!  She actually has been doing pretty well.  We've slowly been limiting her time with it.  My goal is next month when she turns 2 (ahhh!) to be done with it.

In other news... we finally sold our house!  I will have to tell the story another time, but right now we are in more chaos and more busy than when I was working!  The house is getting boxed up and it's just overwhelming!  But we are so thrilled and can't wait for our new adventure to begin!

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