Friday, July 3, 2015

summer road trip {day 3: the beach}

Today was a beach day!  We got up, had breakfast at the restaurant next to our hotel, overlooking the beautiful Atlantic (for some reason, the light in the picture doesn't show it, but it's there!)
And we just spent the entire day on the beach and relaxing at the pool.  And it was pure bliss!
These two... oh how I love them!
This is our hotel in the background.
Three sweet beach babies
Sweet girl found this little puddle of water in the sand and just wanted to play in it!  Ha!
But then she watched her brother... and figured she'd better join in the fun!
She got more and more brave, and kept inching her way out a little farther.  I was so proud of her!
They had so much fun doing this over and over again.  The ocean is just so freeing!
Our whole day pretty much consisted of this.
And this...
And it was so awesome.
Then Kerigan started doing "Hulk Smash" which she learned from a little kid at preschool this spring, and started punching the waves.  It was pretty classic.
Hulk smashing her brother!
Just a little ocean dancing!
This had to have been the funniest thing all week.  Watching these two rinse off the sand in this little contraption.  This thing is genius, I'm telling you.
I was just cracking up and taking pictures.  They want you to rinse off before going into their pools.  Makes sense.  And is lots of fun.  Another win-win.
(photo credit:
Going through these updates I couldn't believe I didn't take a single picture of the kids in the pools!  This resort had an amazing pool area!  Several outdoor and indoor.  So I pulled a couple from online.  This was one the kids enjoyed a lot- the waterslide and the little submarine.
Photo credit: Trip Advisor
Then across the shuffle board area here was another larger pool.  Under the awning on the left, are where several indoor pools and hot tubs are.
Photo credit: Trip Advisor
This was an evening shot, but shows the other side of the larger pool area, looking the other direction towards the snack bar and lazy river area.
We were just swimming so much (and gasp!  I was in the pool with the kids most of the time!) So I just didn't have my camera around.  After more swimming, Ga Ga took Nash and Kerigan to the room to nap. Andrew was enjoying the pool and Mary and I grabbed ourselves some long island iced teas and found a nice little shaded table by the beach and had lunch.  It doesn't get much better.
Then I enjoyed some shuffleboard with my boy.  Andrew had also been begging to do this since he saw it.  Never mind that neither he, nor I, had a clue how to play!  Ha!  Luckily they had rules posted.  We had so much fun together!
Then Nash woke up and took over!
Fun with the boys!
Kerigan woke up and had a bath and was just sitting out here looking at the ocean.
It was time to head to the room to say goodbye to sweet Nash and Mary. :(
I just can't even explain how much Andrew loves this little boy (all of us do!)  We want them to live closer to us!!  Since we've been home Andrew will still talk about Nash and things he would like, or memories of funny things he did.  We hated that they had to leave.  But it was Sunday, and we were also heading back the next morning.
When they left I dressed the kids up for a beach photo shoot, even though the weather was questionable (it was clouding over and looked like it might rain).  I had planned to take beach pictures of them and this was my last opportunity!  So I curled Kerigan's hair (which fell out in the humidity after approx 4 minutes).  They still turned out really good!  And it's true that photo shoots are better when it's cloudy anyway!  Here were a few of my favorites...

And my personal favorite...
Even though it looks like Kerigan's bow is on Andrew's head.  Ha!  Get past that and just look at those smiles!  These are their true natural looks, and I love this picture so much.
After the photos we got in the car and drove to dinner and checked out some areas of MB we hadn't seen yet and did a little shopping in the beach shops.
We had the best shakes ever at a place called cook out.  It was fast food but oh my.  Best.shakes.ever.
Our resort at night.  We had the best, best time.  It was so nice to just get away and enjoy the beach and seeing our family.  It was sad to leave but we were excited to get back and see daddy!  One more fun stop on the way home coming up!

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