Friday, July 24, 2015

4th birthday mermaid party!

My beautiful little girl somehow just grew up overnight.  She is 4 going on 14...
I found this online and it couldn't be more true.  I think Kerigan really does dream she has a fin and can swim with mermaids.  Her favorite Sofia episode is when she turns into a mermaid.  Not to mention she has pretty much turned into one this summer in swimming lessons.  She has taken off and is getting pretty independent in the water. This party theme was just perfect for her.
We were so blessed and just couldn't believe that after all that downpouring of rain in the morning, by party time we had a beautiful, sunny day!
We had the guests come around to the backyard where we had the bubble machine up and running, which was quite entertaining!
It was the perfect thing to have going as guests arrived as it kept them all occupied and in one place!
And happy!  This picture shows her true joy she was feeling this day- she was SO excited.
I threw a couple of beach balls on the trampoline and they had a blast in it too!
The water slide also got a work out!
I can't get over how old Kerigan looks in this picture!  Just a few of her sweet friends... the little girl on the right is Avery, and her mommy just asked me to plan her birthday party coming up in September!  Maybe my true calling is party planning!  I love nothing more than to plan parties and entertain... it's just hard to do while teaching full time!
These two sweet cousins were the only boys at the party and they couldn't have been happier!
It was quite a surprise when Ariel arrived at the party!
She brought them all inside for some games and a story.
She was the perfect entertainment.  This is the 2nd year we've hired a princess and I just can't say enough about how it is worth every penny.  They take a large chunk of the party and keep it going and keep all the little girls 100% engaged.
She read a mermaid story, which they all loved.
Then she had Kerigan come up and gave her a princess crown and some jewels.
She just felt beyond special and couldn't stop grinning.
My favorite part is that she helps open the gifts by reading the cards and just managing the whole process.  It is so organized and I can just watch and enjoy!
And take pictures!  Ha!
She got lots of nice gifts!
books, barbies, and even a carrier for her baby to ride on the back of her bike!  I thought that was a great idea!

She loved this princess bath toy and had been begging for it!  I can't get her out of the bath tub now!
Ariel was just perfect and made the whole day special
I always love pictures of the party guests all together because it really is all of Kerigan's favorite little people all in one place, which doesn't happen very often!  Birthdays are so special!
After gifts, Ariel took Kerigan over to the cake and sang the most beautiful happy birthday song we ever heard!
Then my sweet 4 year old blew out 4 candles...
I loved how Ariel picked her up like this!
As we were passing out cupcakes Ariel said goodbye and we all headed back outside for treats!
The girls loved the mermaid cupcakes and grape "seaweed" and shark teeth cheese!  The party was after lunch on purpose so I didn't have to serve much food!  Ha!
After eating we had a water balloon toss, which they all loved!
I love taking pictures of my house from this angle because it just feels happy and cozy.  All our friends and family, hanging out and celebrating one special little girl.
I've loved having our family party right after the kids' friend birthday parties.  It has worked really well since we've moved here.  Our family only has to travel once and the party can continue into the evening!  We always grill out and it's just nice to have everyone hang out and I can relax!  Ga Ga and Papa gave Kerigan their gift- she had been wanting Sofia legos.
Cousin Evi helped her put them together and was so patient!
I love this- Uncle Tim having a little fun on the trampoline!  I can just see our dad when I look at this picture- he always loved to have fun and even rode our wave runner the summer he passed away.  Tim reminds me so much of our dad, and I love that.
And the best part- we get to sing and blow out candles again!  And eat cake.  Lots of cake!  My sweet girl had the best day and was the sweetest little mermaid.  Happy birthday Kerigan!  We love you to the bottom of the ocean and back!!

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