Monday, July 27, 2015

frozen, hearts & more birthday fun!

I'm admitting blog failure.  I'm so behind.  I have like 7 updates that need posting.  But what can I say?  School is in swing, I'm back to work and playing catch up.  Between the kids activities, my job, the house... and life, I can't find anywhere to fit blogging.  You know, unless I get up at like 5am.  And we all know that's not gonna happen!  Ha!  So.  I'm backing up a little bit.
The night before our vacation to Myrtle Beach, we had to fit in attending our heart support group's silent auction and dinner.  Where we honor all our mini heart heroes!
And look who stopped by this year!?
Seriously?  Anna and Olaf??
It's better than Disney World, people!  I mean, we just got back from Disney a few months ago and never saw Olaf once (except in a parade, and we didn't get to meet him).  And the wait for Anna was over 3 hours long... luckily we had a fast pass for early morning, but still!
We are talking no waiting... tons of attention, and they just loved on and hung out with all the kiddos the whole night!  It was AH-Mazing!  My kids were in heaven, but especially this sweet mini Anna.
And... who needs Olaf when there's a giant soccer ball?  Ha!  It's a mascot for the local team, and Kerigan was a little apprehensive when he sat down to color with her.
This is sweet Ava.  Her mama watched Andrew when I went back to work when he was 18 months old.  These two were two peas in a pod.  They both have special hearts... and pretty sweet hearts too!  Love them!
I think this is my all time favorite picture of them.  I mean seriously?  How adorable are they??  Andrew loved this little girl!  Look at that dreamy look in his eyes!?  He always was and still is such a charmer!  Her glasses and his hearing aids just made for a funny story, and these two just ate up the attention!  They don't remember back this far, but Jess and I are quick to remind them!  Ha ha.  And it's perfectly fine with us if they get married someday!
The kids went to a couple nights of VBS with some friends the week before our trip too... then they went again in August to our church but I didn't get any pictures!
Best babysitter Olivia has saved us this summer and they've only been swimming more than once because of her!  She's always texting me pictures of them and I love it!
She sent me this of them in the hot tub and I melted.
And when she brings them home after swimming, this happens!  It's the perfect way to get trick her into napping!
I haven't gotten around to blogging about Andrew losing his beloved Raffi... I just can't find the words and my heart hurts too much for him.  But sometimes we can joke and this was a joking day... he found a giant Raffi in Sams!  Ha!  No I didn't buy it.  But almost.
Skipping ahead back to Kerigan and Ga Ga's birthdays... the day after her mermaid party was her actual birthday and we went to a friend's 90th birthday party.  She was partied out and fell asleep in the car and for half the party.
Afterwards she chose to have dinner with Ga Ga and Papa at Hickory Park (a favorite place!) and so we did.
More on the Cy's later... but we found over 20 of them one day on our summer bucket list scavenger hunt!  I think the Hickory Park one is still my favorite.
I grew up with this restaurant.  People come from all over the country to eat here.  And it's nestled right in the middle of my hometown.  Such special memories.  And they do birthdays.  These are my two favorite birthday girls in the world.  I love that they "almost" share a birthday (4 days apart).
The best part is the old fashioned soda fountain and candy jars on the way out.  You get a bag and fill it up and put your money in the coin box.  My kids love this.  And I have to admit I do too!  It's the little things!
After a yummy dinner we went back to Papa and Ga Ga's to open gifts.  Possible next year's birthday theme.... the girl is obsessed with Fancy Nancy!
That night she insisted on sleeping with her jellyfish Ga Ga got her from the aquarium in Myrtle Beach.
I promised myself I wouldn't let these two have a sleepover every night all summer long.  We started this in the spring as an incentive to keep Andrew is his own bed during the week.  Sleepovers on non-school nights.  Oops.  What was I thinking?  Every night is a non-school night in the summer!  They are so precious squeezed in there with the cat.  Ha!  I couldn't resist.  But I'm paying for it now!
On Ga Ga's birthday we went to her favorite restaurant- Noah's Ark.  Also a family favorite from before I was born.  She and my dad used to go there when they were dating.  It's a special place.  And clearly I could benefit from a selfie stick.
So we all ordered pizza and Papa got spaghetti.  Andrew nibbled on his pizza and next thing we knew was gobbling Papa's spaghetti!  Ha!  It is his favorite.  We should have known!
And now they're eating Ga Ga's birthday dessert!  Ha!
I'm pretty sure she didn't mind. :)
After dinner we went back to Ga Ga and Papa's to open gifts (do you see a pattern here?  We do birthdays big in our family!  And when two people have birthdays 4 days apart, we just celebrate twice!  Ha!)
They loved giving Ga Ga their gift.  Mommy's first attempt with mod podge and photos... it worked pretty well!
Then we all had a good laugh over the birthday card Andrew picked out for Ga Ga...
He is getting to be such a witty little guy and loves to tease.  He knows Ga Ga hates chickens.  Like HATES them.  And it was just an added bonus that it said "spring chicken" because she is always all concerned about her age and hates getting older.  Even though she is the youngest looking grandma I've ever known!  Anyway, we laughed and laughed.  Andrew loved the joke.  This was his favorite part for sure.  I love that he's getting to be more and more like his grandpa Bill every day.

Happy birthday to my mom and daughter!  The most special girls in my life!  Love you both!

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