Saturday, July 18, 2015

4th of july fun: the farm!

After our day on the boat, before we headed home we couldn't leave without visiting my aunt and uncle on their farm!  Andrew pretty much thinks Kolton hung the moon.
Kerigan loved riding too!  She's with my uncle Kevin and cousin Kelsie
You think she's having fun?  My kids are certainly not farm kids, but they love every chance they get to visit!
Kolton took Andrew out in the yard and they set off fireworks!  
Andrew thought it was the best and most fun thing in the world!
I love how he kept laughing and smiling at Kolton.
Kerigan always has a blast with Kelsie and Kendra!  I so wish they lived closer so they could babysit!

Kolton was really proud to show us this tractor that he restored for the Iowa State Fair.  He's a pretty smart kid!
That is my aunt Sarah and uncle Kevin (my mom's brother) who taught me how to water ski at the lake when I was 5 years old!  He pretty much threw me out of the boat and wouldn't let me back in until I was up!  Ha!  I love them so much, they are an awesome couple with 3 great kids.  I wish we lived closer!
Here's her face watching the fireworks go off!
Playing duck duck goose with 2 people, ha!
These girls are so sweet, they just follow Kerigan along and do whatever she wants!  Perfect babysitters!
Crazy Andrew!  They didn't want to stop eating to smile at me for a picture, but we all went in for dinner after so much playing, they were starved!
We had such a great time on the farm and can't wait to see each other again soon!

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