Saturday, November 6, 2010

Night Eyes and Pumpkin Carving...Finally!

Finally!  I can upload again!  Whew.  We spent a good portion of our evening in the Apple Store and I am pleased to say that we finally can get rid of our old dinosaur computer!  Bring on the new iMac!  I am already loving it.  Thanks for all your suggestions- we went with the new desktop model.  You get more memory for a better price and I am used to a desktop anyway.  Anything was better than what we had, and I am just in heaven!

So...time for the long awaited update!

To kick of Halloween (I know, seems like forever ago!) we went over to Craig's brother's to carve pumpkins.
It was so fun!  We spread out newspapers everywhere and let the kids dig in!
Andrew wasn't too sure about the pumpkin "guts" but after some encouragement he did dig some out!  But he did want to wash his hands right away!  Ha!  I had to laugh, he is obviously my kid!
Grandma Huegel had to help since Andrew was somewhat grossed out!  Ha!
This makes me laugh.  Could he have stood any farther away?  He was so ready to be done and head down to play with cousin Jayden's trains!
This cracks me up even more...Craig concentrating so hard on carving Andrew's pumpkin, when Andrew could care less (he was not into it!) and his back is to the football on TV!  Ha!  I'm sure he would have much rather been relaxing on the couch and watching it!  Andrew did end up loving the pumpkin when he was done!
He loved the pirate design!

With cousins Jayden and Evelyn
The kids were really excited to see all the pumpkins lit up on the front step!
See Daddy?  All that time and effort paid off!  He was one happy boy with his pirate pumpkin!  (Too bad it didn't last til Halloween!)

The next excursion was attending Night Eyes at the zoo with our friends Greg and Emily and their two boys.
I was really impressed!  This was my first year at Night Eyes.  They had a path you followed so you didn't miss anything, and there were different sections with themes.  Here are the boys walking through the tornado from the Wizard of Oz!
Of course, not complete without the wicked witch being crushed by Dorothy's house!
And the characters... handing out treats!
Somewhere over the rainbow...there's gotta be more candy!  Ha!
Andrew was amused to see Curious George!
And look who's peeking from behind the castle!
This is Andrew and his buddy Landon.  Landon's daddy, Greg, and I taught together for years at my old school and became great friends.  It is so fun to now get together as couples and watch our kids play together!
They had a cool pirate ship, too!
And a fun train ride!  Silly daddy in the background!  Ha!

Everything was decorated so neat!  The kids just loved it!
Craig even found time to be goofy!  Ha!
They had the characters from "Where the Wild Things Are," one of my favorite kids books!
They were so cool!  Like I said, I was impressed!
Andrew and Landon chased each other through the hay maze
Which lead to a corn pool,

When he saw this, he went crazy!  I was afraid I wasn't going to get him off it the rest of the night!
He just had the time of his life!
He loves these pedal tractors everywhere we go, but he never pedals!  Ha!
We just had the best weekend with our family and friends.  It is always so fun to get together before holidays and do things that put you in the mood!  We were definitely ready for trick or treat after this!
As we left Andrew said, "Come back see pumpkins another day!!"  He loved it!

I have lots more to update about our Halloween...and I hope to get it done before Thanksgiving!  Ha!  It has been so hard being without a computer.  So now it's time to play catch up!  

More to come soon...

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