Tuesday, November 23, 2010

State Champs

Last weekend we drove to UNI to see Daddy's football team play in the state championship game!  It was so exciting that they made it that far in the playoffs, and Craig got to accompany them to his old alma mater and cheer on the North Polk Comets!
Home of the Panthers!
Craig used to coach this football team, but once he became the Athletic Director, he no longer can coach.  I know he misses it, but this was a very special opportunity for him, and I was so proud of him!
Andrew was too!  He was so excited when he saw his daddy down on the field.
He was even more thrilled when daddy pulled him down onto the field during the warm up.  One of the perks of being the AD's son!  Ha!
He thought this was pretty big time stuff!
Even better?  Getting to throw a football around with daddy on the UNI field!
Andrew really wanted to stay out on the field with daddy for the whole game.  But unfortunately, the game had to start so he had to come sit with mommy, Ga Ga and Papa!
He made us chase him up and down the huge amount of steps for a while.  He'd stop occasionally and sit like this and clap and cheer for daddy!

But once we got him popcorn, he sat still and clapped from his seat!
He pretty much almost ate this entire bag.  He didn't want to share with any of us!  Ha!
Andrew and Ga Ga enjoying the game.
I loved our seats- we sat up high enough that we had a great view!
Sitting with Papa watching the big boys!
You didn't think we'd go anywhere without our portable DVD player did you?  This thing saved us through the whole first half!
Because, you know, his favorite thing to do is eat popcorn and watch a game movie!  He is his mama's son, after all!  Ha!
The only bad part?  Apparently my attempt at charging the DVD player the night before hadn't panned out.  I even checked to make sure the light was on and it was charging so I have no idea why when we turned it on the screen went blank.  I almost had a heart attack!  Mainly because I knew he'd never last without it.  Thank goodness for the outlet on the wall right by our seats!  The funniest part was Andrew getting annoyed with the people walking by, one of whom almost didn't see him and got a little too close!  Andrew gave him quite "the look" and after the man walked by he shook his finger at him and made some very annoyed sounds.  Ha!  

The comets ended up losing the game, but they really proved what a great team they are to be able to make it this far.  Placing second in the state sounds pretty good to me!  We think they are still "state champs!"
Andrew says "Go Comets!"

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