Friday, November 12, 2010

Trick or Treat! (Part 1)

Would you believe after we finally got our new computer up and running and I did a blog update, the blog website would have the nerve to tell me I have reached my 1 GB of free space for photo uploads!?  What??

Seriously.  I did almost cry this time.

So for now I have found another more inconvenient way, but it works.  I am so angry at blogger!  Has anyone else experienced this?  I couldn't find any other way around it.

Anyway, I can't believe I'm doing our trick or treat post this late into November, but I want it in the books... even though I'm totally out of the Halloween mood and ready to move on to the upcoming holidays!  I mean come on, the local radio station is already playing Christmas tunes!  Ha!

We started at Ga Ga's house on Friday night and trick or treated at some of our family and friends houses, since our town's trick or treat was the next night.

We visited my brother and sister in law Tim and Cindy's house first.  Tim is my dad's son and he is such a reminder of dad to us!  Andrew has a special connection with "Uncle Tim."  He always gets quiet and serious but a very content look on his face whenever we are around Tim and Cindy.  He looks at him so sweet almost like he knows that he is somebody special.  I really believe that in a past life, Andrew knew his Grandpa Bill!  And Uncle Tim reminds him of his grandpa!
Next we visited my nephew Lindy and his wife Jenny.  They are having a baby and we are so excited for them!  I still can remember holding my nephew when he was just a baby!  How time flies!  Andrew loves them, too!
After that we made our way to our friends annual Halloween party at Andrew's friend, Norah's house.
It was so fun to see some of our old neighbors there too.  Years ago (before kids!) the Klocke's and the Pearson's and us all lived right next door to each other in our town homes.  We used to do lots of things together as couples and always had so much fun!  Since then, we've all moved to different towns and had kids, but we enjoy seeing each other when we get the chance to reconnect.  Here we are, 5 kids later! (One is not pictured).
 I got a kick out of Andrew teaching them how to play "doctor!"  Ha!  He definitely knows his fair share of that!
I also had to laugh when I looked over and Norah was on top of Andrew!  Haha!  He obviously didn't seem to mind!  They are so funny.  These two first met when they were about 2 months old.  It has been fun watching them grow up and be friends!
We spent the night at Ga Ga's house since the party went so late.  When we got up the next morning, we went out for breakfast and then took Andrew to this park that I used to go to all the time when I was little.  It has a big fire truck the kids can play on.
It seemed different to me, I'm not sure if it's because they changed it, or the fact that I haven't been there in about 30 years!  Ha!
Andrew had a blast running up and down!
And trying to drive!  He couldn't quite reach the pedals!  Ha!
You know, the more I thought about it, the more I began to realize that Andrew has never had the opportunity to jump in leaves...
He's deprived, I know.
In our defense, we don't have any trees in our neighborhood (at least not big, old ones) so we don't have many leaves around here!
There were plenty of leaves at the park though!  I love his "Andy" boot sticking up in the air!  Ha!
Andrew just loved making a pile and jumping in!  He was so happy and excited!
It was so fun to watch his huge smiles and hear his giggles.
Except when he got leaves in his boots... his socks ended up coming off too!  Silly boy.
He was running away from me, then he'd turn around and growl at me like he was a tiger!  Ha!
They have this really cool bridge where you can walk over a stream and see fish, etc.  He just had a ball doing this.
So much that this totally wiped him out!  We still had one more stop to make...luckily he could sleep in the car for about 20 minutes!
We had to stop by and show Great Gran Tootie our Woody outfit.  She was so surprised!  She didn't know we were coming, so Andrew walked in and surprised her!
I love this picture of the home of the Cyclones!  This was a game day so it was so bright and colorful in the stands.  It really puts you in the mood for fall!

After a busy weekend, part one of the trick or treating extravaganza was about to end while another was about to begin... our trick or treat night was that evening at home, and we had just about had it by this time, but we had to get out and try to keep celebrating!

We changed it up a bit by changing Andrew's costume... Bet you can guess what his other choice was (since we couldn't decide between 2 costumes this year!) :)  Ha!

More to come soon...

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