Sunday, November 21, 2010

Funnies and more...

Time is just flying by lately, isn't it?  This is my absolute most favorite time of year, but I also feel the stress of having so many things to do and just not enough time to do it.  I am so behind on putting up Christmas decorations.  Usually by this time I at least have the tree up.  I just love to get it up early so we can enjoy it longer!  We have been so busy on the weekends lately we haven't had time to put it up.  Craig and I were just talking this morning about the fact that every weekend between now and Christmas is already booked up with something- traveling, Craig's school activities, etc.  Not to mention trying to find time to take Andrew to see Santa, and do those fun things related to Christmas.  Ahhhh, I just wish time would slow down!

I just have sort of a random post of some silly things I wanted to remember to record in the "books!"  It may not "flow" the best, but bear with me!
A few week ago when we had conferences, I had a couple of mornings off and was able to take Andrew to preschool.  I enjoyed this so much!  While I could never teach preschool (I don't know how his teacher does it- she is so awesome!) I loved being there and sitting with Andrew for an hour or so.
His teacher told me that he acts so different when I am not there.  I have always noticed that as a teacher- that at conferences when I tell parents how great their child is doing, they can't believe it because they are so naughty at home!  Ha!  She said Andrew was so much quieter with me there, and he wouldn't even sing the song at group time.  She told me he is usually the best one at the songs- he gets really into it.  But I didn't get to see this!  Little stinker!  She also said he is really good at the routine- he knows exactly what to do and does everything by himself every morning.  Well, when mama was there I guess he thought I should hang up his backpack for him and help him do everything!  A sign that he is slightly spoiled and we need to give him more independence at home, I think!  He obviously can do way more than we give him credit for.  It was an eye opening experience, and I loved every minute of it.

I have been making a list of some new things he is doing and saying, and I just want to write them down so I can remember...
- He recognizes his name now and knows all the letters plus lots more
We were coming home from school one day and I pulled into the garage and he saw a poster hanging up with our names on it and he said "My name!"  I couldn't figure out what he was talking about, but I looked up and his name was right there on the poster and he noticed it.  Then he saw our names (Jen and Craig) and he said "Jake" and "Charlie's" names!  Those are his little best friends at day care.  He knew they started with the same letters as our names!  I was so impressed!  He is learning so much at preschool and I love it every time he shows me something new.

-We had his conference at preschool last week
His teacher said he is going to meet every goal on his IEP in time for his review coming up in January!  We were so excited to hear this.  She said he is right on track academically.  She showed us his portfolio and everything he has been doing and I couldn't help but get choked up!  He has improved on so many things just since the beginning of the year! (Like cutting, letters, etc).  We were so proud of him.

-His latest saying is "Come back and see __________ another day!"  Whenever we are leaving anywhere- it could be someone's house, or a place he loved, he fills in the blank.  It is so funny.

-His other latest saying is "Five-two more minutes."  He holds his fingers up by his face and says this to us all the time.  Anytime he doesn't want something to end!  Ha!  
As far as what's been going on around here lately... well, he's been keeping us on our toes, that's for sure.  I have concluded that he is one of the funniest kids I have ever met.  We laugh at him at least ten times a day.
The other day he had to stay home from school with mama (he had pink eye...AGAIN!  We can't get rid of it, we've all had it- yuck!)  Anyway, he was pretending to go to "school."  He got his backpack on and said, 'Bye mama!"  He'd give me a big hug and kiss and run and hide in the other room.  Then pretty soon he'd come running back in and say "I had fun at school!" with a huge smile on his face.  It was so adorable.  I think he missed going to school and was bored being home with mama!  Ha!
I put him down for a nap and when I went in to check on him this is what I found!  Ha!  He had a little hat on that belongs on one of his bears.  Again, I had to laugh (and get the camera!)  We're pretty much past the napping stage around here.
Then he pretended to go to sleep, just to make me happy!  Ha!
Then there are those mornings where we work so hard to rush and get ready for work and school and he just makes us stop and laugh.  He put daddy's socks on and pulled them all the way up his legs!
I think I was slightly late to work this morning, because I couldn't stop taking pictures and laughing at him!
This one pretty much explains itself!  Ha!
Andrew had to get out his computer since daddy had his!  Never mind the fact he had no pants on and his Woody boots!  That makes complete sense to us!
So does this... why wouldn't you want slippers on your feet and hands??  (He was pretending to be Tarzan, walking on his hands).
Then the morning he got out breakfast for Cookie Monster and Elmo and Raffi.  He lined them all up and served them!

Silly boy!
I think this was another day we tried getting him to nap.  This time he climbed right in his treasure chest!
I swear, I'm taking a nap mom!
This is his latest obsession:  His Buzz jammies.  Ga Ga brought them back for him from the Disney Store and gave them to him one night when he spent the night with her and he won't take them off- literally.  He is getting more and more into what he's wearing lately, and has his own mind about what he wears (this drives me insane!  Ha!)  He literally kicked and screamed when we took them off in the morning to get dressed for school.  Oh, and I love how he wears them with his Woody boots and hat!
I promised he could put them right back on when he got home.  And the first thing he said when I picked him up from day care was "Go home put on Buzz jammies, eat popcorn and watch Woody Buzz train movie (which is Toy Story 3)!"  I just had to shake my head.  He is definitely related to me because that is pretty much all I want to do when I get home too!  Ha!  It sounded good to me!
The funny thing was...that same day there was a note taped to his mailbox at school saying that the next day was pajama and movie day at day care!  I just chuckled.  It couldn't have come at a more fitting time.  However, now he thinks he can wear his jammies every day!  Oh brother!
He's also been really into picking out his list for Santa this year.  He loves the Toys R Us catalog.  He'll go through it and sit and just stare at every single page.  He'll say "I like that one!" or "Should we get this?"

He's putting some serious thought into this!  Ha!
And just another funny to leave you with.  Footie pajamas and summer sandals.
That's our Andrew!

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