Sunday, November 14, 2010

Trick or Treat! (Part 2)

To Infinity.... And Beyond!  
That was what our little Buzz was saying in this photo!  Ha!  So we couldn't decide between his two favorite characters, Woody and Buzz, so he was both!  Two different nights of trick or treat, why not?  Plus he'll keep the costumes so he can dress up because, yes, he likes to put the costumes on sometimes just for fun, too.
Seriously, before we even started we were all tired!  We were pretty much "trick or treat-ed" out!
But we at least had to get our annual photos with Lilly, Evelyn and Jayden so we dressed up and away we went... you know... to infinity and beyond!
These two are growing up way too fast.  Andrew and Lilly have had a Halloween picture every year since they were both born and they just look more and more grown up every time!
Andrew thought Lilly looked exactly like Mulan.  He thought she was pretty!  He's such a flirt!
I love this.  They were sitting in front of a mirror looking at each other and grinning.  They sat like this for the longest time, it was so cute!
This year we went trick or treating in Lilly's neighborhood.  Yes, I am still a little bitter about the fact that it used to be the same neighborhood as us!  Ha!  We miss them!  (It's seriously like five minutes away, but it feels like hours!)
Andrew was pretty impressed with the Gabba pumpkins!
This was my favorite part of the night.  My fearless son marches right up to every house like he owns the place and digs right in to all the candy.  He has no problem taking more than one and doesn't even feel guilty!  Ha!  Well, maybe you can see the skeleton bowl this lady is holding?  He dug his hand in and the skeleton came towards him and made some noises and he jerked his hand back so fast!  He immediately turned and started to walk away, not taking his eyes off the skeleton (or the candy!)  Ha!  He totally had that face like he was going to cry, but he didn't.  I was cracking up so much I could hardly talk.  I didn't even feel bad laughing at him, because he was being a little stinker!  Ha!  The lady felt really bad and gave him and Lilly two pieces of candy.  Score.
My stinker again.  Would not hold my hand.  Refused.  But happily took Alissa's hand!  Ha!  Lilly was so sweet and held her mommy's hand the whole time.  She was all shy at the houses and didn't want to go to the candy without Alissa.  Not my kid!  He was off and running and I could barely keep up with him!  Ha!  I had to have Alissa keep tabs on him for me!
These houses were so decked out!  Look at this giant spider!  Andrew wanted to go to this house more than once!
He was quite impressed with the Scooby pumpkin too!
We made one last stop at Andrew's cousins, Evelyn and Jayden's house.  They live near us now too, so it is nice having them in the same town.  By this point, we were done with saying "cheese" and just wanted candy!  Andrew was done with trick or treating and ready to head home so we made it home just in time to answer the door for a few last trick or treaters, which he really enjoyed.  I always struggle with if we should just stay home and answer the door and let him see all the costumes, or take him out.  I think he enjoys both, but staying home, eating chili and watching It's the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown sounds pretty nice and relaxing to me, too!  Maybe next year!

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