Friday, March 11, 2011

Post Op- Day 1

I've been told that yesterday was actually post op "Day 0" so today was only day 1!  Ahhhh!  I keep saying how I just want the time to tick away so we can get this little man back to his normal self.  He has just not been himself all day.  This morning during rounds, the doctor said to get him up and moving around today, remove some lines, the catheter and the central and arterial lines and wean him off meds.  There was talk of moving to the floor tomorrow already, which completely appalled me.  In no way is he ready to move to the floor.  I know I'm not a doctor, but it doesn't take a rocket scientist to look at him and see that he is just not himself.  I am holding my tongue for now, but so far I am not seeing him improve enough to be able to move to the floor.  In my opinion, things always seem so rushed and a move to the floor is the toughest transition.  It is good news because it means he's doing well enough, but at the same time, often days 3 and 4 post op are the most difficult.  I just don't think he's ready.  But who am I to say?  I'm only his mama!

He had a pretty okay night last night.  He was up a few times, and did get a little fiesty and asked to go home (already!).  He vomited again around midnight, but it all went in his NG tube this time.  His tummy has just been really upset and lots of stuff is coming out of it, which is good I guess.  His central line kept oozing and they had to change it four times yesterday.  They said they could remove it, but then they'd have to poke him to draw labs.  So I said to leave it in.  He doesn't need to be poked on top of everything else.  Plus I think it is bothering me more than it is him at this point.  He did have a fever once in the night, but it did come down with Tylenol.  He hasn't had one since, so that is a blessing.  He is still begging for water, but when we gave it to him this morning, he threw it all up so we had to wait a few hours before trying it again.  This morning he tolerated eating a popsicle and drinking a few sips of water.  He wanted to hold the popsicle himself!  I think he just really wants to be in control of something... he just keeps asking to hold things, and wants a "big boy cup."
He was pretty peaceful this morning, but they have stopped his morphine drip (through the IV) and started him on lasix (to help him pee), so the only pain meds he's getting are Tylenol and morphine as needed.
This is what I saw when Craig and I came back from breakfast this morning!  So sweet!  Andrew cuddling with Ga Ga.

They think some of his tummy issues could be from the morphine so we are trying to wean him off, however he did become upset early this afternoon and was crying "owie, owie" and in a lot of pain.  He pointed to his chest tube site, which I remember from last time, is very painful for them.  He was acting very grouchy and irritated (who can blame him?) and started grabbing at his NG tube and yanked his oxygen out.  His hands went for his chest tubes next and I had to "scold" him a little!  Ha!  I told him that if he didn't stop touching things we were going to have to tie his hands down again.  That stopped him from messing with stuff!  Ha!  He did not like those restraints.  The nurse gave him Tylenol and morphine at the same time, which helped calm him and he was able to rest comfortably for a while.

When he woke up he was mad because he didn't like what was on TV!  Ha!  I thought that was a good sign.  He asked for his own movies and wanted to sit up in bed and watch his DVD player.
It looks like he's smiling here...but don't be fooled!  We have yet to see that million dollar smile.  This popsicle and movie did perk him up quite a bit though!

He still is struggling to stay awake at times.  He wants to watch his movies so much but he just can't keep his eyes open long enough.  But then he'll jerk himself awake and usually makes a request for water.  We also started giving him apple juice and a little jello, and he tolerated it better this afternoon.
Later this afternoon they had him get out of bed and sit in a chair so they could change his bedding.  He did pretty good, but it hurts to move him around.
He is just so sleepy, he couldn't even stay awake in the chair.

Throughout the day he's been reaching for us.  This morning he reached his arms out to me and wanted me to "carry him."  But I know that means carry him, as in get out of this place!  Plus I couldn't pick him up, so it was pretty hard to see.  The sweetest thing this afternoon was that he really wanted his daddy.  He cried for daddy and begged to sit on his lap.  They didn't want to move him again because he had just sat in the chair...
This picture just speaks volumes to me, while breaking my heart at the same time.  He wanted daddy to pick him up so badly.
He kept wanting hugs, so daddy finally just crawled in bed with him!
This made him one happy camper.  He calmed right down and held daddy's hand like this most of the rest of the afternoon and early evening.
Tonight has been a little more difficult.  He's been a little more awake and in a lot of pain.  He's mostly had Tylenol this evening, but I pushed for some more morphine to help him sleep.
He wanted daddy's lap again so daddy held him until it was time for him to go to sleep for the night.  He keeps jerking himself awake, but he goes right back to sleep.  He is just not sleeping as well and is not as calm as he was last night.
This was so funny, after we put him back in bed after sitting with daddy, he sat straight up in bed like this!  Ha!  He practically fell asleep sitting up!
When our awesome nurse, Amy, went to help him lay back down, we discovered that he wanted to sit up because it hurt to lean back to lay down.  Poor baby.  He is just in pain and I just want to take it all away and hurt for him.

Please pray for a restful night and for all of us to be ready to tackle Day 2!  Thanks again for all the messages and support!

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