Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Live it up!

Last night when we got to Iowa City we checked in at the Marriott- pure luxury!  Ga Ga and Papa took the bill, which we very much appreciate.  Since Andrew has been on lockdown, we felt we should stay somewhere we knew was clean (and no bedbugs! Ha!)  We also didn't want to go back to the place with the waterslide because I knew Andrew would flip out when we told him he couldn't swim.  So we just pretended that this hotel doesn't have a pool.  Bummer. (More on this later!)

When we got here Andrew jumped right in the big fluffy bed with huge soft pillows and covered up!  He was pretty exited.  We were too, and we enjoyed it thoroughly, since we'll basically be sleeping on chairs after tonight!
Before we left he spotted a couple of his presents mommy had bought and wrapped for him.  I promised he could have them at the hospital, so after our appointment with Dr. Davis, he expected that present!   He has no clue what is to come.  Anyway, I gave in so he could have something to play with all night last night and today.  He got the Toy Story Sunnyside Breakout action links.  He was thrilled!  He played with it all night!
He was just irritated with me because he didn't want to look at me and say cheese!

Ga Ga brought him some new books from the book fair at her school and he wanted her to read them all to him before bed!
This morning we got to sleep in since his appointments weren't until 9:00.  We relaxed in bed and watched his new favorite show "Jake and the Neverland Pirates" while munching on his muffins!
  The appointments went well this morning.  Andrew was a good boy all day, even though we were stuck in this little room for 2 hours talking to 3 different people who wanted to listen to his heart, look at his ears (so he had to take his hearing aids in and out 3 times!) and throat.  I think daddy, Ga Ga and mommy were more annoyed than he was!  He was playing with trains that child life brought in.  He was happy.  He also drew on the chalkboard.  Ga Ga wrote his name, and then all of a sudden he started drawing around it.  We couldn't figure out what he was drawing until he said "I draw an alien!"  Ha!  It was so funny because it looked exactly like Mike from Monsters Inc.  
So then he wanted daddy to help him draw Sulley!  Andrew put the horns and face on Sulley- I think he did a great job!  Ha!

He only got upset during his labs- last time he never even cried!  I blamed Ga Ga since he was yelling for her the entire time and of course he snuggles right up to her with fake tears when it was over!  He wanted her to feel sorry for him I think!  Stinker!  After his day of appointments today, I think he thought he was "done" and we were going home!  Ha!  Not so much

We were amazed to hear that we had the okay to take him out this afternoon/evening.  What??  As in out in public!?  Secretly I felt so relieved since we've been cooped up for so long!  The surgeon's nurse even actually encouraged us to take him in the pool tonight!  Gasp!  She said to "live it up!"  So I guess that's what we planned to do... within reason!
So the first thing we did with our newfound freedom was take Andrew to Walmart to buy him a pair of swim trunks (since we didn't pack any, thinking there was no way we were taking him in the pool!) and bought him more presents!  Ha!  He knows how to guilt trip Mama and Ga Ga!
He loved these Dragons from "How to Train Your Dragon."  Of course, that was one movie out of his collection of about 200 that we left at home!  
He doesn't seem to mind, he's been playing with them in the hotel room all afternoon!
All afternoon we just rested, used the computer and Andrew played and watched his movies.  It was a nice relaxing afternoon.
These pics of him just crack me up.  He propped up his own pillows and settled his dragons right next to him!
We decided to take him for a quick dip in the pool before we ate, so he could eat as late as possible since he won't be eating for a few days!
We had to laugh at our "unprepared" outfit!  Ha!  His swim trunks are about 10 sizes too big!  Craig said he thinks he'll grow into them by the time he's fifteen!  Ha!  He just looked so darn funny!  He didn't care, he was beyond excited.
It was so good for all of us to be able to do this.  We have been so careful with Andrew and cooped up for so long, we all needed this reprieve.  It relieved some stress and made us all happy and not thinking about surgery for a while anyway.  It was so nice.
Andrew had the time of his life!
I don't know a kid who loves the water more than he does!  He is just obsessed with it!
He had so much fun playing with daddy and Ga Ga in the pool!

My big boy on the night before his big surgery.  Those precious eyes and that adorable little face.  Oh how I will think of this special day and evening and wish we could do it all over again tomorrow when he's laying in his hospital bed hooked up to a million monitors and iv's.  It just breaks my heart for him to have to go through this.
He got out of the pool and said to me so happily, "Mommy, we had fun in the pool!"  The only way we got him out was to tell him the next fun thing we were going to do...
We couldn't help but take him to his favorite place- IHOP!  He did his favorite thing while waiting for the food- tracing everyone's hands.
I wish I had audio of this moment.  When he saw the pancakes coming, he literally squealed with delight.  It was so precious.  He loves his pancakes!  Especially the happy face one!
Can you tell?

We all had a great night together.  Even though there was that sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach the whole time.  While we tried not to think about what lies ahead, it was impossible not to.  After scrubbing Andrew in the tub when we got home, we washed him with his special surgical cloth and then all said our prayers together.  Hearing him say "Dear Jesus" and "Amen" after asking God to protect him tomorrow, it was hard to keep it together.  I'm not sure I'll sleep much tonight.  I know if I do fall asleep, I'll be falling asleep in prayer.

We have to be at the hospital at 6:00am.  They'll take him back for surgery around 7:15.  I can go into the OR with him until they sedate him.  They will then place the lines and the breathing tube and the surgeon will start the incision around 9:00.  He estimates he should be finished around 1 or 2.  I'll update every chance I can throughout the day.  If you aren't a follower on our blog, it won't notify you when I update.  Email followers won't get every update on email either.  I'll update the carepage each time, which will be immediate notification.  I will post the same things on here and the carepage.

Thank you all so much for the sweet messages, texts, cards, everything.  It means so much to us, and it is the only way we will get through this (well, that and faith, of course!).  Your support means so much.  Thank you for being our prayer warriors, we can feel them!

Let the fight begin my sweet boy!

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