Saturday, March 12, 2011

Post Op- Day 2

Andrew had a restless night last night.  We think the morphine made him really itchy, because he was scratching his face so much, as you can see from the photo- his poor little face was all irritated.  He also is very unsettled and keeps startling himself awake, which has been hard because he can't seem to fully relax enough to sleep really well.
As you can see, Ga Ga was who he wanted last night, and she fell asleep and he still couldn't!  Poor thing, he just misses home so much.  He has started crying and begging to go home.  He asks to go home every time he gets upset.  His eyes are sad all the time.  It is pure heartbreak.
Thank God we have my mom here with us.  I don't know how these families do it with only one parent, or other kids at home, and there are also many kids up here with no parents coming and going at all.  I can't imagine.  Andrew pretty much wants all of us in the room with him at all times, but he does okay when we take turns leaving as long as we tell him we'll be right back!  Ha!  We always make sure one of us is with him at all times.  My mom slept in bed with him last night (he wouldn't let her get out!) so I could get some sleep.  I still slept on the couch in his room so I heard the beeps of his machines and him crying and waking up every couple of hours.  But it was still nice to be able to relax a little bit and not have to get up!  Bless my mom's heart... everyone is trying to remind me to take care of myself and my baby girl, but it is so hard to focus on me and this pregnancy when so much is going on with Andrew.
This was my favorite moment.  He finally wanted mommy!  Ha!  He reached up for me and so I crawled right in.
After a while, he wanted to sit up in bed and asked to get up!  That was a good sign.  I can imagine how sick and tired he is of being in that bed.  Our nurse today was awesome and she worked so hard getting all his gear, chest tubes and all, hooked to a little race car for him to ride around in.  He stopped to look at the fish but he just wasn't amused with anything.
His face pretty much looked like this the entire time.  But I know he was enjoying being out of bed for a little while.  It had to feel good!  He is still just in so much pain that it is hard for him to move around.
He was NOT having any of my picture taking!  Normally, he'll look right at me and grin and say CHEESE!  Not today!
He wanted Papa to push him around, so we took a couple extra spins around!
This is a weird angle photo, but this was the first time he stood up.  He asked to walk "big boy!"  Once his feet hit the floor I think he realized that it was pretty painful though so he didn't stay long.
We have had some deliveries and visitors today!  Which has cheered ME up, for sure, even if Andrew has seemed unimpressed!  Ha!  We cannot get a smile out of him for anything, but I know in a couple days he'll be thrilled and able to enjoy these great things!  This Toy Story cookie bouquet was so adorable!  My sweet childhood friend, Carrie, sent them to him all the way from Florida!
My good friend, Stef had balloons delivered, and another heart mom friend stopped by this morning with the Toy Story balloon and a coloring book and stickers for Andrew.  So sweet.
People must know Andrew loves cookies!  Ha!  So does his mama!  This came this afternoon from Craig's brother and sister in law Keith and Darlene (Andrew's Godparents) and his cousins Jack and Brooke.  Adorable!  It was so convenient too, because today just happens to be daddy's birthday, so we plan to celebrate later with a little party for him.  I think these cookies are going to be a part of that!  Ha!  Thanks also to my heart mom friend Heidi who stopped by with balloons and a sweet gift for our daughter!  A big flower headband!  Yay!  It has made my day having visitors and these things coming for Andrew.  We appreciate it so much.  Thanks everyone for thinking of us!  You have brightened our day!  So have all the cards and messages!  Thank you all!

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