Thursday, March 10, 2011

Surgery is about to begin...

Last night before I finally crawled in bed (and it was more like this morning), this is what I saw...
My sweet boy cuddled up on top of Ga Ga and her arm around his.  Just precious.  His last night before surgery.
This was when he first fell asleep!  Ha!  Ga Ga could barely fit in the bed with the dragons and Andrew!  Ha!
We got here bright and early at 6:00am.  Andrew woke up happy but when we got to the hospital I think he started to realize something was up.
He was so funny walking in the hospital in his footie pajamas looking like such a big boy.  He would not put the dragons down!
 The only way they got him to put them down was when he got laughing gas and he didn't care about anything at that point!
When we were called into the pre op room, Andrew only cried when they made him change out of his jammies into the hospital ones.  Poor baby!  That child is obsessed with his jammies!  Somehow we convinced him to wear them.  Then we went out to weigh him and he saw a big room on the way and clutched to me and said "I no want that room" and shook his head.  It was just so sad and the hardest thing I've ever had to do in my life.
I scrubbed in so I could take him to the OR.  By this time, he had been given versed, which was making him act silly.  I was so glad too, because he had just started asking for water (which he couldn't have).  He said goodbye to Ga Ga, grandpa and grandma (who are all here), and walked with daddy and I down the long hall.  Daddy waited outside for me.  Andrew just sat on my lap, facing me and laid his little head on me.  I just wanted to stay there and hold him forever.  He thought my hat and mask looked silly!  Then he began laughing at me and the anesthesiologist.  They were getting a kick out of him, too.  It was so nice to see that smile, even though it was because he was medicated!  My heart still needed to see it.

As I walked out and collapsed into Craig's arms, I knew my dad was taking over.  It feels so good to know that he and God are with my precious son, watching over him right now.

We tried to eat breakfast, but it didn't have much taste to me.  I am currently in a fog.  We did have to chuckle when we walked back up to come to the waiting room and passed Andrew's surgeon and his team having breakfast.  I had to kid them and I told them I thought they were supposed to be with my kid right now!  Ha!  Dr. Davis looked at us and said "Oh, we're doing this today?!"  Ha!  I love his dry sense of humor.  They said they were getting ready to call him in and that Andrew was doing well so far.  They were just about done placing the lines.
Now as we wait, my little girl is kicking me as if she's telling me she's here, and it's going to be okay.  Thank God for my two precious blessings.  He knew I'd need my daughter right now, to help me get through this.  Thank God I have her.  Everything was orchestrated perfectly by God.

I can't thank everyone enough for all the texts and messages on here and on facebook.  It is another thing that helps pass the time.  We are so grateful for all of you!  We'll keep updating as we know more...

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