Sunday, March 13, 2011

Post Op- Day 3, The BEST medicine!

We had visitors today!  And it was the best thing in the world.  It did all of our hearts good.  We had visitors streaming in and out all day, and our little boy finally turned the corner and he's back to his old self!!!  We are sooooo grateful!

Andrew's cousins Evie and Jayden came and brought him some fun presents to play with.  The smile on Andrew's face was worth a million bucks to me.
Andrew loved having the kids sit in his bed with him and play.  It truly made his whole day.
We also had lots of other visitors today, like Great Aunt Joan.  Great aunt and uncle Lynn and Janet came as well.
Grandpa and Grandma came back today, too.  And they brought Andrew's great grandma Huegel.  Our room was stuffed, but we loved it so much!  We wouldn't have wanted it any other way.
Andrew has been doing so great eating and going potty!  He has eaten pancakes and banana bread this morning, a hot dog and corn for lunch and he got a happy meal with the kids for dinner!  A pretty amazing accomplishment.  After his dinner he even asked to go poopy on the potty!  We all celebrated that, because it means he's even closer to going home!
He even ate some snacks- his favorite was eating chocolate ice cream with his cousins.
I just love this picture of his smile.  He has been talking about watching a movie with Evie and Jayden for weeks, and he hasn't seen them for so long since we've been quarantined!  He was just thrilled beyond words.
The worst part of the day was when the doctor came to pull his chest tubes and take his dressing off his scar.  He was so scared, but he was brave.  Evie held his hand to make him feel better, but she had to leave when the surgeon pulled the tubes.  We promised him she'd be right back!  He put on a brave face and just whimpered.  He kept begging for "his" Evie and Jayden!  Ha!  His new phrase is "It's all better now mom!" amongst tears.  He wants them to stop what they are doing when he says that!  Ha!
Evie was fascinated with his scar.  
Andrew was just over the moon.  He absolutely loves watching movies and playing with his cousins.
Today with the motivation from his cousins, we even got him up and around and to the playroom!  He was hesitant to go, and he made mommy carry him the whole way there, but once he got in the room he wanted to walk around and see all the toys.
It was so good for him to finally assert some independence and be able to move around.
He was pretty unsteady at first, and sort of wobbled around, it was so funny!  But he soon found his balance and was able to wobble all around pretty well!  You can tell he was a little sore and he was being careful, but he was still moving!  I just hope when we get home he remembers to be careful like that! Ha!
He even sat in the chair and got back up all by himself.  He also went from the floor to a stand all by himself.  I was so impressed.
He enjoyed exploring all the toys in the playroom.  I think now that he knows it is there he's going to want to go all the time!
He and Evie made dinner!  Ha!
They loved playing Hungry Hippos!
There are so many fun things to do in the playroom!  Even air hockey!
Until daddy and Uncle Jay took over!  Ha!
Honestly it was so nice for Craig to have so many of his family members come today.  He enjoyed the time with his brother a lot.  They are like big kids!
He actually walked hand in hand back to the room with his cousins.  So precious.  My heart was literally melting.  It did all of us SO GOOD to have some company and see Andrew so happy.
Grandpa and Grandma, Great Grandma and Joan told Andrew bye bye, and he said "My Evie Jayden can stay!"
So we got them happy meals and they were all happy campers!
The best part of my day... getting some love from my boy!  He wanted to sit on mommy's lap on the couch!  Oh how I've missed this snuggle time!
After everyone left, Andrew was wiped out, but he was in desperate need of a bath!  Since he couldn't get his scar wet, our favorite nurse, Jamie, brought him some warm soapy cloths and a neat shampoo cap!
Andrew was unhappy about this at first, but he thoroughly enjoyed the head massage he got!  This cap was so neat, because it has shampoo in it, but you don't have to rinse it out!  It just air dries!
All snuggly in his new pirate pj's from Kevin, Alissa and Lilly.  We thought he needed to wear them to go with his new pirate scar!  There's nothing like a clean, fresh kid in fresh jammies!  Especially when you've been in the hospital for days without a bath!  Ha!
Andrew and his favorite nurse, Jamie.  We have been so lucky since moving to the floor.  We have had the best nurses.  And we got Jamie two nights in a row!  It is so nice to have a great nurse at night.  We are so thankful for her!

Right now Andrew is snuggling in bed with Ga Ga watching his new movie Lady and the Tramp.  When we dimmed the lights and turned the movie on he looked at Ga Ga and said, "We're having fun!"  

And that says a lot coming from a kid who just two nights ago was pretty darn miserable.

We are blessed beyond belief.  We are only on Day 3, and Andrew is back to his old self, smiling and happy.  He's got all his tubes and iv's removed and he's like a new kid.  How did this happen so fast?  God, and all of your prayers have gotten us through.  We don't want to speak too soon...but we think he should be on his way H...O...M....E very soon!  And nurse Jamie agreed.

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