Thursday, August 25, 2011

family time {& more "andrew-isms"}

Last weekend we went to my family reunion.  It was fun to take Kerigan and introduce her to everyone!
We all got such a kick out of her because she just loves her Papa.  If she gets fussy, we just give her to him, and he walks around with her and she just gazes up at him so sweetly.  He has a calm about him, and she senses that.  

These are pretty much all my mom's cousins and their kids/grandkids.  The sweet lady in the pink shirt in the middle is my grandpa's sister.  She is the one remaining out of 9 siblings that are either living, or able to make it to the reunion because of health issues.  There are also a lot more cousins that couldn't make it.  Andrew was so cute, he loved playing with the two boys in the front.  He kept calling them "those bigger boys!"  So funny.
This is my beautiful niece, Mary (any single guys out there??  Ha!)  She is a fashion designer in New York City, so we don't get to see her too often, but she was in town for a wedding so she came by to see her cousin Kerigan.  She is Andrew's godmother, and we just love her so much!  It was great seeing her.
Wish she could have stayed longer.  Better yet, I wish she lived closer so she could help me babysit these two monkeys!  Ha!  (Please excuse me in these pictures.  My only defense is that I just gave birth 6 weeks ago!  Ha!)
As for our Andrew... I have more funnies I need to write down.  This kid just keeps coming up with the funniest stuff, I don't know where he gets it all!  He just talks our leg off now, we can't get him to be quiet!  Ha!  He'll say something and end with "would you like that mama?"  or "okay mama?"  He is starting to ask more questions like "what's that mama?"  or "what did you say mama?"  or "why you do that mama?"  (Do you love how he ends everything with "mama?"  That is not an exaggeration, and he asks these questions or says these things over and over until I respond, barely taking a breath in between!)
•  He'll get mad if he wakes up and daddy is already gone.  He's talked to daddy very seriously about this.  Daddy explains that he doesn't want to wake him up.  He says "But I didn't get to give daddy a hug and a kiss" and he has the saddest expression I've ever seen!  When I tell him daddy already left for work he'll say "but I wanna love him!"

•  He also says this about Kerigan if I want him to stop bugging her while she's eating or sleeping! ("But I wanna love her!")  But then whenever she's crying he'll say to her "oh Kerigan!  You're FINE!!!!!!!!"  Ha!

•  When he's in time out for something he'll cry and try to hug me and he'll yell "But I LOVE you!!!!!!" across the room.  He lays the guilt on thick.

•  The other day we were in Walmart and he's already making out his Christmas list (because that is the only way I can get him out of the toy section!!)  He keeps picking things up and saying, "we'll have to get this another day" or "we'll have to ask Santa for this....... would you like that mama?"  He'll continue to look at things and he'll say "Andrew would probly like that!" It just cracks me up.  He wants everything he sees!  Santa is going to be busy this year!  Ha!

•  He's been bugging me about these toys from Walmart that he wants.  He'll keep asking me for them and I tell him he can't have everything- he has to choose some for his Christmas list.  He'll keep saying "I'll have to get that ____, _____, ____ (lists about six more things).... okay mama?  Would you like that mama?"  I start getting annoyed and my tone starts to change.  He says to me, "Talk nicely... and say YES!"  Ha!  I laughed out loud at that one too.

•  When he does something I don't approve of, he'll say "It was a accibent!" *yes, I meant to type "b" not "d". :)

•  He informs me that he doesn't want milk anymore because he wants his nails to stop growing (I told him that it's good he drinks so much milk because it makes his bones and nails strong!)
He's quite a character.  He's growing up so much.  Sometimes I just look at him and he looks so BIG to me.  When did that happen?  I think sometimes it is because Kerigan is right next to him, but wow.  He's such a big boy now.  I'm not sure how I'm going to tell him we have to go back to the hospital (cath on Sept 16).  He'll be devastated.  I think he thinks that he doesn't have to go to that place anymore, after his surgery (we kinda had hoped that too, buddy.)  Thanks for all the prayers for things to go as planned and that the interventions performed will help decrease the pressure in his heart... once and for all!

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