Tuesday, August 23, 2011

parade and drive in

I am way overdue for an update!  I can't believe now that school has started, I'm busier than I was before and I'm not even back to work!  Ha!  I guess that just shows how helpful my husband is because I seem to get so much more done when he's home!  I miss him!
Not to mention, we've been super busy the last couple of weeks.  I have about 4 updates I need to do, but for the sake of keeping things in order, I'm going to back up a bit.
(Trust me, he's not as innocent as he looks!  Ha!)
We kicked off the famous Iowa State Fair by going to the parade the night before it started (kinda sad that the fair is now over and I'm just getting around to writing about the beginning of it!)
We went with our friends, the Grylls family.  Andrew just loves playing with their boys and we are super excited for them because they have baby #3 coming in January! 
Andrew and Landon just hammed it up at the parade.  They were dancing every time a group of dancers came by.  They were really funny.
We were so lucky because it was just a gorgeous evening- almost like fall!  I loved it!  I am so looking forward to more of that kind of weather coming soon!

Our sweet little girl just loved the parade.  It is the happiest I had seen her in a long time (we're still having reflux issues and formula switching...nothing seems to be helping!)  She was just grinning and holding her head up to look at her daddy.  So sweet.

I just love her little facial expressions in these pictures.  She was just so sweet and alert and happy!

I actually think she looks like Craig in this picture!  It is so fun to see who she's going to look like.
Daddy was having fun playing with her and making her arms go up and down, which she seemed to enjoy! Ha!
Here's our monkey doing gymnastics!  When the girls came by doing flips, the boys jumped right in and tried it too!  We were just cracking up at them!
We actually did make it to the fair this past weekend... but like I said, it's about 2 updates behind this one!  But I'll get to it!
We have so much fun with the Grylls' that we decided to hit a drive in movie that same week!  Ha!  They were showing Smurfs at the Drive In not far from where we live.  (These pj's are way too small but they were the closest thing to a smurf I could find!  Ha!  They were blue, that counts, right??) 

We actually went to the drive in with the Grylls' in Wisconsin Dells too, it was Andrew's first time.  So Landon and Andrew were very excited to go again.  Andrew couldn't wait to see the Smurfs!  Can't you tell?
We loved the movie!  Drive In's are so fun!  I just love how you can pack a cooler with drinks and as many snacks as you want!  We even brought popcorn!  (A nice break from the theater where you have to sneak snacks in your purse!  Ha!) I keep thinking soon drive in's are going to be a thing of the past... I hope this one sticks around for a while!
Have any of you been to a drive in?  I have so many memories of going to them as a kid at the lake in the summers.  That one is now closed, but I am so thankful there is still one I can take my kids to!

More updates coming soon...

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