Monday, August 15, 2011

snakes, snails & puppy dog tails

I thought it was time for an update on our little man!  He's been busy lately (to put it nicely! Ha!) and I think we will all be ready for him to go back to school next week (he included).  I've been taking him to day care about one morning a week to go on fun field trips or to water day, and he has had so much fun seeing his friends and getting outside.  I have been feeling guilty lately because when I'm home alone with both kids, it is so hard to get him outside to play.  I mean really play.  And he needs that.

See exhibit A...

Um, yeah.  See what I mean?  

This happened before I was even out of bed in the morning and Craig had just left for work.  I heard Andrew downstairs and was about to get up to feed Kerigan when I heard him say "uh oh!"  However, it's not really an accident when he actually went to all the trouble of finding a brand new container of snuggle, unscrewing the lid, and dumping it out all over the bathroom and laundry room floor (yes, it went under the washing machine too).  

Needless to say, he went to day care that morning so I could clean up.  Plus I needed a "time out" from him!  Ha!  And I took all his movies and TV away for the day.  More of a punishment to myself, but that's what hits him the hardest.  He loves TV.  He cried so hard about it, and he came over to me to tell me "I broken... I have to go back to hospital" and put his hand on his chest.  As mad as I was at him, that broke my heart, just a tiny bit.  I think he knew that would hit me the hardest!  Ha!  His little heart was broken too.
Thank goodness when daddy gets home it is much easier to get him outside to play.  I am happy to say, he is an expert pedaler now!  Ha!  It only took about 2 years to get it figured out!
Well, that and his new McQueen bike.  
Daddy got him a T-ball the other day.  Andrew loves it.  "Coach" daddy had fun teaching him how to hold the bat and hit the ball correctly.

Andrew had so much fun playing with his daddy.  He is becoming such a daddy's boy lately.  He almost cries when daddy leaves for work, and he races to the door yelling "daddy!!!!!" when the garage door goes up.  When daddy isn't home and one of his toys breaks or won't work, he'll say "we'll have to have daddy fix it when he gets home!"  He has a little "pile" of things for daddy to work on in a spot on the counter.  Ha!  It cracks me up because I will offer to fix it for him or put batteries in something, but he wants daddy to do it.  He's willing to actually wait for him to get home!  Too funny.

I just have to document a few more funny things the little man has said lately:

•  The other night he spent the night at Ga Ga's and I was talking to him on the phone before bed.  My mom told him to tell me he missed me, so he did, and then he said "And I miss daddy too."  So sweet.

•  He'll come over to one of us and ask us a question and finish it with "or sumpin (something)?"  For example, he'll say, "You wanna watch a movie or sumpin?"

•  He'll say "Oh Kerigan!  You're so cute!"  And the other day as we were leaving the house she had her little bow in her hair and he said "You're pretty!"  It is just precious.  I hope he always will treat girls that way!  I guess he's learning early.
•  When Kerigan is crying, he'll come running over and say "Oh, what's the matter?"  Like he's so concerned.  Ha!
He really is the best big brother and he just adores his sister.  I am so proud of both my kids and I pray that they will always have a good relationship and be close friends.  Kerigan just watches him and loves to have him around.

•  The other day I was feeding Kerigan on the couch, which reclines, and it was blocking his path as he was walking around our coffee table.  He wanted to walk where the recliner was out, so he asked me to put it down.  I did so he could walk by, and as he went on to play with other things, I put it back up and continued to feed her.  Pretty soon he came back around the table again, noticed the recliner back out and said "Hey!  What did I just say???"  (Yeah, I laughed out loud at that one.)

•  Lately when he looks guilty of doing something naughty (reminder: the snuggle incident!) I'll ask him what he did, or what he is doing and he'll say "I'm not doin' any nothin!"

I could seriously write a book about all his funny comments and things he does.  I try to write it down when it happens, because there are so many I easily forget.  His vocabulary and communication just amaze me more every day.  This is a kid with hearing loss who barely spoke when he was 2.  He's come a long way.

One afternoon I decided to brave it and take both kids to our favorite park in town after Kerigan finished eating.  I brought a picnic for Andrew and I and we had a great time.  There were some kids there collecting frogs, and Andrew got in on that fun!

Andrew loved his little frog.
He never wanted to put it back in the water.  
He is and always has been ALL BOY!  Some things never change!

The whole time, little miss just hung out in her car seat.  She was fine not seeing the frogs!  Although believe me Andrew wanted to show her!  Ha!  She loves being outside, too.  It has been such beautiful weather lately, we are getting a break from the heat and loving it!
I can't believe it, but it is already time for school to start next week!  I took Andrew to his open house at preschool last week.  He just looks so old to me!  I cannot believe this is his last year of preschool.  I imagine I'll be a basket case at this time next year with him starting Kindergarten!  Oh my.  I can't even think it because I'll make myself sad thinking that this will be the last year I take him to preschool!  While really I'm grateful for one more year of it.
He and his little bestie Nicholas acted like they had never been apart.  They just picked right up where they left off!  Nicholas is so stinkin cute and is such a good friend to Andrew.  He really missed Andrew when he was gone for his surgery.  He even sent Andrew a little video message via email when he was in the hospital.  It made Andrew's day!
Andrew was also super excited to see Lilly (my best friend's daughter).  Lilly is starting Kindergarten this year at the same school Andrew goes to preschool!  It will be so nice for them to be there together, just like they were at day care.  Lilly is such a big girl now!  I cannot believe she is already a kindergartener.  I held this little sweetie when she was just born!  How does time go so fast??
Andrew made a letter for the "Chicka Chicka Boom Boom" tree in their classroom.

Just for fun... Last year's picture from open house night... He looks so much bigger to me this year!

* We got a call from Iowa City last week- our doctors discussed Andrew's lung profusion scan results (which were 30/70% of blood going to each lung) and the decision was made to perform yet another cath to try to make improvements on those numbers.  So we will once again be heading off to Iowa City on September 16 for his cath.  We aren't sure if they will be placing a stent, or just trying to balloon the left PA, but I am assuming they will try to balloon first, and after no success, they will stent it (this is what happened the last time).  Thanks for your prayers for a successful cath and that things can be improved.

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