Friday, August 12, 2011

Little Miss {one month}

My sweet daughter... you are ONE MONTH old today!  
Why does it seem like just yesterday you were placed in my arms and my heart just exploded with love for you?  You are just what our little family needed, and we love you to pieces little girl!
I'm not really sure how much you weigh, but I am guessing at least 9-10lbs.  All you want to do is eat and you never miss a meal!  Ha!  You are already eating 4oz, which I feel like is a lot, but the doctor said if you'll eat it, we can feed it to you!  The funny thing is, about an hour after you're done, your little tongue starts moving and you act like you want more already!  Let's just say we're not worried about you not gaining weight.
Look at that double chin!  Ha!

You want to be held.  All the time.  We think you have a touch of reflux and you are on Zantac, which seems to help a little.  But the second we put you down somewhere you cry.  And the second we pick you up, you stop.  (Ok, so I'm exaggerating a little, but only a little!  Ha!)  But honestly, I don't mind because I just adore holding you.  You are the cuddliest baby I have ever known, and you just curl right in and it's almost like you are hugging me back.  It makes my heart melt.  
So since daddy went back to work this week, I've resorted to pulling out the Baby Bjorn.  I never really used this with Andrew, but he was pretty content with his swing or bouncy for periods of time!  You love this thing.  The minute I put you in it you fall asleep.  I just think you look funny with your little arms and legs dangling out!  Ha!

When you are happy with your swing, you love the little birds and the mirror above it.  You will focus on it and watch it for a while.  I love this, because Andrew did the same exact thing.
I love how you are both so serious, watching the little animals go around and around.  This is something you do that makes me think of Andrew so much when he was a baby.  I love that you both loved the same thing! (Andrew is on the left, Kerigan on the right).
This picture is blurry because you were moving, but I just love it because you were actually smiling!  You were just very alert and focused and I loved watching your expressions.
You have the best big brother ever.  He loves you so much and is always asking if you are okay, or if you are happy.  When you are crying he immediately goes to you and holds your hand or plays with your feet.
He is always giving you kisses and hugs and checks on you all the time.
Every once in a while he's a little naughty and gives you an extra big push in your swing, which makes mommy nervous!
But I am just sure you're going to learn to be laid back and not let things bother you because your brother is very noisy and can be a little stinker sometimes!  Ha!  I think you will learn to let it roll off your back.  I can almost picture you rolling your eyes at him someday!  Ha!
I just had to post this because I can not get over how much you and your brother look alike (minus the big flower headband!)  I had no idea until I saw these two pictures side by side when I framed your announcement photo and set it next to this picture of Andrew on the shelf.  I think I almost gasped at the resemblance!  The same eyes, the same hair, same little grin.  A friend told me the other day that it is so neat that Andrew looks just like his daddy, and you look just like your mommy, yet the two of you look so much alike too.  It is like we are all connected!  Ha!  And I love that.
You sleep in such cute positions!  Ha!  And we discovered this week that you sleep best on your side.  I will lay you on your back and you cry until I move you to the side.  I only do this during the day so I can check on you, but at night you are sleeping great propped up in the boppy in the pack and play by daddy and mommy's bed.  We swaddle you tight and you will sleep for about 5-6 hours through the night.  
I love your little grin and your facial expressions.  You are also starting to make little noises like you are talking to us.

I would say I think you are really starting to smile a little bit sometimes, but I know everyone thinks babies smile because of gas!  Ha!  I am not sure, but you have definitely smiled at us a few times.

I love your little baby toes.  You have really long feet and toes!  They are so precious.

You are already growing up so fast and learning new things every day.  You like tummy time and you can hold your head up for short amounts of time already.  You are strong!  We are so grateful you are strong and healthy.  We pray that you always will be.  We love you so much little girl, you are everything we hoped for...and more.

Part of the fun of having a daughter is dressing her up and the accessories!  Oh my.  I have scouted out some of the most adorable stores in town and online and I just had to share a few finds (more finds are coming in the mail, but I'll post pictures of her in them later!)
My first favorite accessory is her diaper bag.  Is this not the cutest thing you've ever seen?  I was struggling with finding the perfect bag for her.  I didn't want to use Andrew's, because it wasn't "girly" enough for me!  Plus, with this one I thought she could also use it someday as a bag to go to grandma's, or anything else.  I love names and monograms on things, too.  It just adds to the cuteness!  Anyway, I got the bag on my new favorite website, Etsy.  They have everything you can imagine, and it is so unique!
Another Etsy find was her pillow.  I wanted a special pillow with her name on it for her bed someday.  It is in her crib for now, until she starts sleeping in it.  I didn't even pick out the fabric, it just already matched her bedding perfectly.  I couldn't have picked out anything better.  I just love seeing her name in print, too!

Of course my other favorite accessory is bows... but you already knew that!  Ha!
Happy one month baby girl!  We love you to the moon and back!

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