Sunday, August 7, 2011

Kerigan's birth announcement

I was waiting to post these pics because this is her announcement photo.  I cannot get over how much I am loving this little girl and dressing her up!  Her closet is already overflowing, and I am trying to dress her in all her cute outfits and take pictures before she outgrows things (and at the rate she's growing, this will be soon!)
This picture just cracks me up.  A modified "tummy time!"  Ha!  She is really getting good at holding her head up- she is so strong!  But seriously?  I had to post this because this outfit is just too cute for words.  I just love this little ruffly bottom!  Ha!
Kerigan was 6 days old when I took these pictures.  She was just so alert and happy!
She really looks like me in this picture.  When I was a baby I had the same features and especially the same hair!
Ok, so leg warmers in July is a bit much, but I couldn't help it!  I promise we didn't go outside.  I think it was about 97 degrees!  Ha!
We are just getting her all practiced up for future photo sessions!  She is going to be a pro!
Her face here just cracks me up.  She was totally just going with the flow and letting me move her all around and play with her positions.  She is such a good, content baby!
Most of the time.  HA!  
(And this is how the photo shoot ended... time for a bottle!)  
Practice makes perfect!

Here is her announcement:

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