Thursday, October 20, 2011

apple "or-shard!"

We had so much fun at Center Grove Orchard the past couple of weekends (yes, we've been there twice already!)  But these are only pictures from our first family visit because there are so many.  I just love this place, and there are so many good photo opportunities!  (Andrew has been here twice on school field trips this year too!)  We just can't get enough!  Ha!

This was funny, there's a sign right outside the corn pool that says "Do not bury people!"  Ha!  Daddy and Andrew broke the rules!  But they had fun doing it!
Even Kerigan got in the corn pool!  We had to be careful not to lose her in all the corn!  She liked it!

We love the slide and the jumping pillow.  Andrew went down the slide with daddy and then realized he could go by himself so he and I went side by side.  I didn't think he would go very fast without one of us, but I was wrong!  He flew down, and even started to go a little crooked!  Ha!  He loved it.
Walking back up all by himself.  A big boy now!

He loved this hay maze (thank goodness he didn't beg us for the corn maze!)  
This orchard is so cute because they have little storybook areas set up like the Three Little Pigs houses...

This year they added the Three Billy Goats gruff, which I think was appropriate because of all the goats they have!  
"Who's that trip-trapping over my bridge??"

Andrew loved the train ride...

The pedal tractors...

And the duck races...

He and daddy had so much fun doing this!  I never thought this would entertain him as much as it did, but it was almost his favorite thing!
Well, besides picking out some pumpkins!

We had a perfect afternoon together at the apple orchard!

But let's face it... we can't be perfect ALL the time!  
(They were both done with pictures by this point!  Ha!)

Part 2 coming soon...
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