Sunday, October 9, 2011

cutie and catch up

This little sweetie has been sitting up in her Bumbo chair since right after her 2 month photo shoot!
These were taken impromptu (the reason for the sleep sack and no big hairbow!  Ha!) because I just set her in it for the first time, not thinking she'd love it this much.
She was thrilled with her new playtime activity!  She could sit up and see the world from a different angle!
Sometimes impromptu pictures are just as sweet, aren't they?  Love that baby sweetness!

Sometimes I find I just need to do a random update to catch up.  Not really about anything special.  Just the simple, day to day life around here with my little monkeys!  Love them!
Andrew has been doing more funny things as usual.  Like sticking arms out of Mr. Potato Head.  Clever, dontcha think?
He's always getting out of bed before Kerigan and I.  I need to get better at getting downstairs when I hear him down there, because he has been known to get into some trouble!  But this particular morning I came down and he was having a picnic with Yogi and friends!
He was pretty proud of himself, especially when I got out the camera (I think he feels left out sometimes when I am constantly taking pictures of his sister!  Ha!)
I got such a kick out of him because he went over behind his animals and put his arms around them!  Ha!
He made the Yogi Bear plane out of his tinker toys, which I had to take away once they became sister taunting toys!
This is usually what happens the second after I pick all of these up!
Then he lines them all up and hides someone in the middle!  Ha! Funny that he just treats her like one of the gang! (Why does this remind me of E.T.?)  Ha!
I'll be trying to take pictures of Kerigan doing something new and he'll just pop right in the picture and cover up her face!  I can't help but chuckle remembering those days where I could not get him to sit still for pictures to save my life!
One of the sweetest faces I get to see every day!
She just loves her bouncy and smiles and reaches for the toys now.
She is really starting to look at our faces and focus more.  If we smile at her and talk to her she'll always smile back.  Andrew is loving this!  He is always making silly faces at her.  If she is smiling at me he'll say, "Hey!  I want baby girl to smile at ME!"  Ha!

And a couple more funnies I want to remember:

He's been saying "No thank you" to us for different reasons.  The other day I told him we were going to get his hair cut and he said "No thank you."  Ha!

The other afternoon I was picking him up from school and he was on the playground with his little girl friends and they were playing.  He wanted to stay longer and play so I hung out for a little bit.  He didn't want me to get him yet so I asked him if he wanted me to leave and he said "Yes!  Come on, Mya! ( his little friend)"  and ran off.  Ha! 

His new thing is telling us "I wanna make you happy!"  When he is being naughty, or won't eat his dinner, tries to wake Kerigan up from her nap, etc... and he can tell we look mad he'll say "I wanna make you happy!"  It makes me smile every time!  He really knows how to work the system!  Ha!

So I just had to post this because I could not stop laughing about it.  Craig had been talking for days about wanting to wash his car.  I pretty much never see his car because I am in the house when he leaves for work and when he comes home.  I kind of ignored his desire to wash the car last weekend because there just wasn't time... esp after church, plus he wanted to mow the lawn, etc.  When we pulled in the driveway after church and I saw this, I seriously could not stop laughing.  The students decorated his car for Homecoming, and he had been driving around in it like this for over a week!  Ha!  I love how they wrote "A.D." on it with a smiley face, and plastered our last name across the back!  I can just picture poor Craig on his trek to and from school every day and driving around town.  Omg!  That is too.stinkin.funny.  The best part is he never told me about it or explained why he wanted to wash his car!  He is funny.  He cracks me up in very subtle ways!  Ha!
This was something else cute.  A couple weekends ago I felt it was time to organize the closets and put summer stuff away (don't ask me's about 83 degrees here today and Andrew's been wearing pants to preschool all week!  Poor kid!)  Anyway, I was on a mission and bless Craig's heart, he not only lets me sleep in on Saturdays, but he also keeps both kids for a good majority of the day so I can get a few things done.  I was working in Kerigan's room and they were all next door in Andrew's room playing!  Isn't that so cute?  I love Kerigan in her bumbo, just chilling and watching the races!  Ha!
I have to admit, I am in love with my kids' closets.  They aren't especially large, just average size.  But what I love are the shelves Craig puts in.  They are adjustable so I can take one out as the clothes get longer.  I love the bins that I can label and switch out for different things.  I decided to get all crafty with Kerigan's labels! 
Andrew's closet is the same, and I have always loved his so I wanted hers to be the same.  It seems like such a waste of space otherwise.  I love utilizing space!  Ha!

And speaking of organizing... I also worked on this the other weekend:
So, ya know all those annoying happy meal toys from various fast food places that most of you probably throw away after a couple days?  Yeah, my kid is obsessed with them.  And that is putting it mildly!  He would have a fit if I threw them away and he keeps track and knows each and every one of them.  I even order them off ebay from older movies that aren't out anymore!  They make great prizes for rewards when I need one!  They are probably his favorite thing to play with, combined with his dinosaurs, animals and cars.  Well, they used to be all together in a couple of big baskets and every single day he would dump the entire basket out and we would literally trip over them all day long.  Then at night we were constantly finding them and throwing them back in the basket.  We just couldn't keep up with them!  So I came up with this genius idea!
I bought containers for them and made labels on the computer so he would know where to find what he wanted.  It is sooooo great!  And he loves it.  He is only allowed a couple bins out at a time (unless he has a really good reason!)  It has totally cut down on the "dumping" out problem (much to my husband's surprise- he didn't exaclty encourage this idea, but I think he agrees with me now!)  The funny part is, Andrew is so funny about organizing them too.  He knows which things go where, and if I put one away in the wrong bin (Because seriously?  I cannot keep all of them straight!) he will be the first to tell me and make the correction!  Ha!

Another random topic... my daughter came to the hair salon with me the other day!  She was so stinkin cute!  All the ladies loved her and one of them even took her to the back room for a while so they could all dote over her!
Of course she was perfect the whole time (I am there for 2 hours) until it was time for my actual hair cut at the end!  The one time I couldn't really hold her!  Stinker!  It's okay, between all the ladies there, she was pretty easy!
Of course she fell asleep right before we left!  But when we got home she was so alert I had to do a photo shoot of her in her cute outfit!  She wasn't overly smiley this time, but cute nonetheless!

The girl will not keep her hand out of her mouth!  I'm still not giving up on the paci though!  I refuse to let her win this one!  Ha!

Had to get the complete outfit, right down to the mini uggs from our friend Lilly!
Love those bright blue eyes!

I have so many updates to catch up on so more will be coming soon!  We've been to the pumpkin patch twice already, and Kerigan's baptism is this weekend.  Such a busy time of year, and it's been so nice being home to enjoy it!  I just know this last month home is going to fly!

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