Saturday, October 15, 2011

soccer mom

I'm officially a soccer mom!  Andrew has been playing soccer this fall.  I figured it was time to blog about it since he only has another couple of weeks left in the season!
It is so fun to see Andrew as part of a "team."
I think there is one boy on his team that actually knows what he is doing!  Ha!  But it's fun anyway!

Andrew practice kicking
I love how he is very serious and listening to his coach!  This is serious stuff... ha!
He is in the middle running- my pictures turned out blurry since they were all moving!  Ha!
It was so cute, the coach brought orange slices for halftime!  (Is it called half time in soccer?  You know what a sports freak I am!  Ha!)

Go for it, Andrew!

He's actually gotten ahold of the ball a few times and kicked it!  Who cares that it was the opposite direction, right?  
He has needed a few reminders to keep your hands off the ball!  Ha!  He'll get close to the ball and could kick it but instead he'll pick it up, put it where he wants it, then kick it!  Ha!
Last week during the game somehow his hearing aid got caught in the net and it broke!  As luck would have it, we had an appointment already scheduled for 2 days later, so it worked out perfectly, and his audiologist said it was no problem to fix it!  Whew!  I was worried about a huge expense... I'm sure she's used to kids in sports getting their hearing aids broken.  I just can't believe my son is actually old enough to be one of those kids now!
I love how they do this at the end of the game...
Mommy and daddy are so proud of you, buddy!

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