Sunday, October 23, 2011

more fall fun

 We have just been having the best fall ever (I wonder if this is partly because I'm not working right now!  Ha!)  Probably a little bit of that and the fact that the weather has just been outstanding (even though I am still sometimes confused...air on, heat on, windows open??? Ugh!)  It seems like it changes from minute to minute.  Anyway, one weekend we had a lot of fun with Craig's brother's family.  Andrew just loves his cousins so much and asks to see them pretty much every minute that he's not with them!

They came over for a little bit and then we decided to do something fun so we took the kids to Incredible Pizza.  We just had a blast!

This picture just makes me laugh.  They all went on the go carts and I stayed with Kerigan.  They all had a lot of fun...can ya tell?  Ha! (Sorry, Jason!  He always tells me these photos of him are not approved for the blog, but I figure I didn't sign an agreement so I'm not too worried!  Ha!)

I just love this picture.  This pretty much describes Andrew the entire time he is with his cousins.  But the ride was pretty fun too!  You lay on the seat and it feels like you are riding on this train, wind blows at you and the seats move.  It is pretty cool!  Andrew could not get enough of it!

We hadn't had enough togetherness so the next day we took the kids to the apple orchard again!  It was too gorgeous of a day not to!
 Andrew never wears sunglasses.  Ever.  Until Jayden showed up with his!
 Kerigan was less than thrilled!  Maybe she's upset about those thunder thighs??  Ha!
 This is just the absolute best pumpkin patch ever.  There is so much to do, that we actually did things this time that we didn't get to last time!
We rode the hay ride to the actual pumpkin patch to pick out pumpkins.
The kids wanted "baby" pumpkins!

Craig was super thrilled to drag this big pumpkin I fell in love with all around!  Ha!  I just loved it's stem and long vine.  I wouldn't let him carry it by the stem because I was afraid it would fall off!
Aunt Rachel held this little girl the whole ride and carried her all through the pumpkin patch so I could take pictures!  I don't think she minded too much though!  Ha!
I love this- Craig and his brother Jason took the boys up to the top and pushed them down by themselves!  They loved it!
The kids had a blast on the slide and the jumping pillow and train.

Last time we didn't get to eat yummy treats either!  So today we indulged.

There's just nothing like cinnamon donuts and carmel apples on a gorgeous fall day!

This week brings some more fun fall outings and trick or treat!  Andrew cannot wait to wear his costume, and I cannot wait to dress up my girl!  Ha!   More posts coming soon...

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