Friday, October 7, 2011

ladybug girl

Thanks again for your continued messages and support after Andrew's cath.  So many new heart moms have reached out to me to share their encouraging stories, or just to say "we've been there," and it's been so nice.  Thank you to everyone who is praying for our son.  We just can't thank you enough.

I just had to share another little photo shoot of my sweet girl!  I cannot get enough of dressing her up and taking her picture.  Seriously?  The cuteness and the bows and tutus are just TOO much fun!  When I have to go back to work full time I'm not sure what I'm going to do not being able to dress her up all the time!  The time is coming too fast and I can't even think about it... so let's move on!
We had been thinking even before Kerigan was born what her "theme" would be...Andrew's is quite obviously a monkey!  Ha!  He even looked like a monkey when he was a baby, not to mention even now, almost 5 years later, he still acts like one!
When I was a little girl one year for Halloween I was a ladybug.  My mom saved the costume (Kerigan won't fit into it this year, but maybe next!) and she also gave me a book called "Ladybug Girl" that is so cute.  We think maybe this is Kerigan's "thing?"  We think she looks awfully cute in red!

So when I found this onesie and shoes, I couldn't resist.  The tutu just completed it!  I didn't even plan it or buy it thinking I'd use it with the onesie, but it worked perfectly.

These were taken when she was about 10 weeks old, so I wanted to get them posted before her 3 month update coming next week!  Wow, time is just flying.

Sweet little ladybug feet...
Her personality just shines, doesn't it?  Can you say diva? High maintenance?  Ha!
We now interrupt this photo shoot for some pictures of the little man.  Not quite as dolled up but just as photogenic I might add!  We were at my mom's for the photo shoot and we grilled out and had dinner.  Papa made homemade ice cream as a special birthday treat for me (this was the weekend after my birthday- since we didn't get to celebrate the first time with daddy, we did it again!)
He loved helping Papa make the ice cream...

And taste testing was the best!
Andrew had so much fun celebrating my birthday again (because he loves birthdays, remember?)  He and my mom were doing something special in the kitchen so I sent daddy in with the camera!

Love how excited he is in the picture on the right- he's got his hands on his cheeks and is giggling and squealing.  So cute!
Bringing mama her special brownies! (Because of course I'd rather have brownies than cake!)

They were so cute reading this big book Ga Ga brought from her school.  He loved it!  It was called "Caps for Sale" and he loved the monkeys in the book.
He and Ga Ga were giggling and pretending to act like the monkeys!  So funny!
He wanted to read it again and again... he was so excited about the story that he even did a "retelling" to daddy (yes, teacher lingo, but seriously?  It was awesome!)

And just because our little ladybug is so precious... 

(and check out that double chin!!)

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