Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Easter Sunday

Easter Sunday we all went to church with Craig's family.  I was so proud of my little man at church.  Normally he goes to Sunday School during church so he doesn't sit through the service.  He did great!
His sweet little hands...this is what Easter is all about.  As excited as he was about the Easter Bunny... we think he understands a little bit about what Easter is really about.
Back at Grandma's after church, the EB had left eggs and the kids had a hunt!  They were so thrilled!  He had to hide the eggs inside since there was still snow on the ground outside and it was cold!  Not your typical "Easter" weather.
Once one of them found money inside the eggs, they all took off running to find more!  Ha!
I LOVE this picture!
I love how Andrew is checking out Kerigan's stash to make sure she doesn't have more than he does!  Ha!

Emptying eggs and counting their cash!
Grandma made a red velvet cake in the shape of a bunny and had the kids all help frost it!
I think they all did a pretty good job!  And it was delicious, too!

On the way home we stopped at Ga Ga's to see what goodies she had!  Ha!  Andrew was so excited to get toys from his new favorite movie The Croods!  He wanted all the McDonald's toys but we soon realized they were not good ones this time.  When I spotted these at Toys R Us I knew he'd like them better!
And he does!
Little miss found her basket too, and I promise she was happier than this about it!
Ha!  I can't even remember what she was pouting about, probably something Andrew took away from her.  But the look on her face and the way she was standing just
Another egg hunt at Ga Ga's!  So exciting!

When we finally headed home, Andrew could hardly wait to see if the EB had left him what he wanted more than anything... when we found jelly beans by the door and a note for Andrew, he took off running upstairs to follow the jelly beans!

Trigger Happy!!!!!!!  He had been waiting since Christmas for this Skylander.  It is NOT an easy one to find so the EB had to resort to the internet.  Good thing he knows how to use it!  Ha!
I love this picture.
Meanwhile....I caught her in action, picking up every last jelly bean and stuffing them all in her mouth at once!  Real lady like Kerigan!  Ha!
By this time we had been in the car a good portion of the day, had stopped at 2 different places and she was about done.  Bow ripped out of her hair, pretty outfit crumpled... but she was happy about her Easter basket from EB!!!
How could she not be when he brought her Minnie Mouse light up shoes and Doc McStuffins??  She was in heaven!

We had a very special Easter with all our family.  And the best news of all... Jesus has Risen!

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