Friday, May 17, 2013

great wolf lodge: exploring, arcade & story time

I have decided I am going to back date these updates from our trip so I will only post them on the front page for a couple days before I move them back to where they belong... in May!
I had wanted to take the kids to the Great Wolf Lodge for a long time.  Craig and I each had a personal day to use up at school so we took a Friday off and headed to Kansas City after Andrew's field day that morning.
When we got there we just had fun finding our room, and exploring everything the hotel has to offer, which is a LOT!
We headed to the Creation Station first and the kids stuffed their own wolves.

Craig cracked me up- I sent him on a mission to get a "Paw Pass," which we discovered was a lot cheaper than buying everything everywhere we went within the hotel (it included the creation station, arcade games, a craft at the Cub Club, a magic wand and tons more).  He comes back wearing it around his neck with his wolf ears (which came with it!)  I was dying laughing.  He wasn't really as grumpy as he looks!  Ha!

We ate dinner in their restaurant where the booths are like little tents!  So cute!  I loved it.  They also had the best breakfast buffet, which we ate at every morning.
Getting ready for story time in the grand lobby
This is one of my favorite things.  Everyone joins in the lobby (kids can wear their jammies, but we didn't have time to go back to the room to change!)  One of the characters comes out and helps read a story, then you can meet them afterwards.
It cracked me up how Kerigan plopped down in the middle of everyone and listened to the story.
Oliver was our first character meeting!  He's my favorite, he's so cute.
Andrew listening so intently.  I love this picture.

Kerigan wouldn't go near any of the characters unless one of us was holding her- stinker!
After story time we tucked Kerigan and daddy in bed and Andrew and I had a special date!
We went to get his magic wand and try out all the treasures around the hotel.
They had this game with the wand where you could play different adventures and try to get through different quests.  I didn't really understand it- but the bigger kids were totally into it.  Mainly Andrew enjoyed just pointing his wand at the different things and making them do things like light up, etc.  He thought it was "magic!"
It was amazing that my friend from high school, Jackie, was there at the same time!  They live in Oklahoma now and had come here for the weekend!  Her girls helped Andrew play Magiquest, they loved it.
Back to our date... we went to Bear Paw for a treat!  What I loved about this place is everything is open late!
Andrew picked a froot loop bar!  Ha!  We went back to our room and ate it together and chatted.  He is so fun to hang out with as he gets older.  He likes to talk to me and tell me all kinds of things.  I love it.
Soon my little cubs were both off in dreamland...
We couldn't wait for the next day's adventures!
She wouldn't stand by a character, but this is pretty much my favorite picture of her from the whole trip.  Love her!
After breakfast we went to the arcade to play some games.

Even Kerigan likes to play sometimes!
Andrew loves this one, it's like a ride- you really feel like you are moving.

Howling in the wolf den (these are in the rooms!  So fun!)
And the most favorite character Andrew couldn't wait to see... Wiley Wolf!

More adventures coming soon...

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