Sunday, May 19, 2013

great wolf lodge: crafts, tatoos & goodbye

This is what we all looked like the next morning!  Don't we look beat??  Ha!  Poor Kerigan fell out of bed in the middle of the night and hit her face on the nightstand.  We obviously need to figure something else out for when we travel because she refuses to sleep in her pack and play anymore.
We hit the waterpark one last time on our last day.  The nice thing about the GWL is you can check out and then still use the waterpark and other things around the hotel for as long as you like.  It is also like that when you check in- you can start using the hotel even if your room isn't ready.
Kerigan was surprising me so much with these slides!  At first, she wanted me to walk up the stairs with her and have one of us catch her at the bottom.  But when one of us had to stay with Andrew, she discovered she couldn't have it both ways (one of us at the top and bottom) so she decided to get brave and walk up and go down on her own.  I couldn't believe she did this.  She did not stop.  She would have gone all day long if we had let her.
Andrew climbing the nets again!
The big bucket at the top fills up and dumps water out every few minutes.  Andrew loved it!
After swimming we made a stop at Cub Club- Andrew could pick a craft from his paw pass so he picked a magnet.
He took his time and did a good job painting!
This was such a nice area, they had crafts and toys, books, etc for the kids to do.
We were the only ones in there at the time and we were so surprised Violet walked in!  We got our own private character meeting!  How about that?  Ha!
Kerigan was happy until I suggested she sit on Violet's lap!  Look at that lip!  She wasn't having it.  I thought for sure she'd warm up to her by this time.  She got a stuffed animal of Violet and she just loved her!

One more trip to the arcade to use up the rest of the points from our paw pass.  This game is always so entertaining!
I loved this story.  Andrew is obsessed with a lot of things (ha!) but one of them is the movie "The Croods."  He adores this tiger from the movie- it's his favorite character.  They had those ridiculous claw machines where you are supposed to guide the claw and grab the toy you want and it's supposed to just be easy to "pull" one right out!  Yeah right!  Craig and I have tried more than enough times and we have never, one single time, gotten any toy to come out of those machines.  The problem is, they always have really neat toys in them of all the characters Andrew loves.

So he was beyond excited when he saw his favorite tiger inside, so daddy used some points to play and of course, never got it.  Andrew was very disappointed but he accepted it (even though I'm sure he wanted to cry and throw a fit!).  He just stood by the glass and stared at the tiger the whole rest of the time!  Ha!  I went over and asked this nice young man if I could just buy the darn thing.  He was watching us and saw Andrew and how much he loved it, went over with his key and opened it right up and just gave him the tiger!  Now how many times would something like that ever happen?  I had to get his picture because he was the nicest guy ever.  He was honored I wanted to take his picture!  I just love when you meet a truly kind person with such a big heart.  
One more thing on the GWL bucket list (ha!) was a tatoo.  It was included in his paw pass too so we figured we'd wait until we were leaving so it didn't rub off in the waterpark.  He picked Wiley and he was so excited!
It was a glitter tatoo, which was really neat!  It lasted a really long time.
This is how Kerigan felt about leaving!  Ha!  She plopped down in front of the clock where all the animals are and just stared at them.  She kept asking to "go see the animals."  She wasn't happy when we had to leave!
Goodbye GWL!
We will definitely be back!  Andrew wants to come back with his cousins for his birthday!
This happened about 5 minutes after hitting the road!  She was wiped out!
That week Andrew brought this writing home from school.  I love how he gets to pick what he writes about and he chose to write about the GWL and his Tiger from the Croods!  Ha!  (It says "cruise" but that's because that is how he sounds when he says it and I'm sure his teacher had no clue what he meant!)

The GWL is such a fun, family vacation!  I love that there's something for everyone.  You really never have to leave because there are so many fun things to do (even though there are so many fun things to do in Kansas City!  We just love it there!)  We can't wait to go back!

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