Saturday, May 18, 2013

great wolf lodge: waterpark, mini golf & dance party!

The best part of the GWL was the waterpark!  There was really something there for the whole family to enjoy, even Kerigan.
She really grew fins this trip and turned into a little fish!  Normally, she is a little more fearful of things (much more than her brother ever was!) so I didn't expect her to want me to even put her down in the water, but she kicked and wrestled loose until she was on her own!
Andrew was so independent this time.  Notice the huge play structure in the photos above... well he went flying off up there somewhere and the only way we could ever find him is when he came flying down the slides.  He would speed past us so fast to do it again that we couldn't even catch him!  I normally panic at these kind of places because I feel like they will get lost, or I will never find him again!  One of us pretty much stood at the bottom of the slides to keep tabs on him!  Eventually he'd always come down!
Here he is climbing up the net- he loved getting up there that way.  I think it'd be pretty tough!
He loved standing under this!  Ha!
Here is a picture of he and daddy coming down the big "adult" slides.  Believe it or not, they even let Kerigan ride these with one of us.  I was worried she'd hate it, but she absolutely loved it.  She wanted to go again and again.  I have no pictures because I am the only one who will touch the camera inside a waterpark (Craig thinks I'm nuts!)
Getting ready to get drenched in the lazy river!
Kerigan was so funny when we went outside.  She loved the fountains that pop up in the zero entry pool.
She kept stepping on them and would laugh and squeal when it popped back up!

As I was taking these pictures of her, one of the workers came up to me and told me she was the cutest thing he'd ever seen!  Ha!  He told me I should submit one of these photos to their facebook page and we could win a free stay!  I might have to try it!
I have to admit, she was pretty adorable!

Grabbing lunch at the waterpark- loved the paw straws!
We enjoyed the view of the pool from our balcony.

This picture just cracks me up- Kerigan stepping on Andrew's foot!  Stinker!
One evening daddy and Andrew went mini-golfing.  Andrew really had a good time, and they got a pretty good score!

Kerigan liked to "help!"

It was a cute little course, the kids enjoyed the funny statues of the different animal scenes.

One evening we took a break from the GWL restaurant (because they just have one and we had eaten there for every meal since we had arrived!)  We had to venture to our favorite shopping area- Legends.
Kerigan did better with the T-Rex cafe this time!  I think it's growing on her!  Ha!
It was so fun to see my high school friend, Jackie.  They live in Oklahoma and just happened to be in Kansas City the same weekend and staying at the GWL!  I love how Facebook connects people, because we would have never known that if we weren't facebook friends!  We enjoyed having dinner with their family.
I always like to take a picture of my kids by this fountain.
They look so innocent!  Don't be fooled!  Ha!
When we got back to the GWL after dinner and some shopping at Legends, we got there just in time for story time and a dance party!  Violet was meeting kids and I made Kerigan sit on her lap!  I know, I'm so mean.  I've got to break her in, because character meetings are one of our favorite things!  Ha!
Andrew was a little embarrassed to have his picture taken with Violet, but he did anyway!
They have a fun dance party where the kids all dance and the characters come out to dance!
Dancing with my boy!
Daddy and Kerigan were groovin!
Violet took Andrew's hands to dance with him and he was so embarrassed!  It was so funny.

We headed back to our "den" a little early because we were all so exhausted by this time!  Especially after a day at the waterpark.  We had a great day!  One more day left... coming soon.

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