Monday, May 27, 2013

spring phone dump #2

I should finally be caught up with phone pics after this... still have Mother's Day and our mini vacation we took last weekend, but I'm getting there!
We've been finding things to do to pass the time during our house showings.  One weekend we had several so we went to Ga Ga's.  It was one of the first nice days we had so we loved getting to be outside with no coats!  The kids played "golf" in Ga Ga's yard!
I played on this slide when I was a little girl!  It's such a strange feeling watching my kids at the same place!
Just chillin in daddy's shades!
Love this picture of my boys!
Andrew loves collecting sticks and making a "campfire."  He wanted me to have a campfire with him!  Ha!

I loved this!  Kerigan and Ga Ga took a nap!
It's so nice having Ga Ga live so close!  She has been so helpful keeping the kids for us for showings and other outings!  Sometimes if we have a showing in the evening and then the next morning, she'll take them overnight which helps so much so the house stays clean in between!  Thanks mom!
After that we had another showing so we headed to Craig's brother's house for some evening fun and a grill out!
The kids eating ice cream sandwiches!  They were a hit!

Enjoying Wendy's frosty's on the night of another showing.  (Oh, and by the way, with all these showings I'm sure you're wondering if we're having any luck selling??  Um, no.  Sore subject.  Ha!  I am getting so frustrated and tired of trying to keep up with the house and the kids messes.  We've dropped price twice.  Apparently no one cares that we need to be in our new place July 1.  Ugh!)
One weekend we met some heart friends at Sky Zone!  It was so much fun!  
She got some air under that one!  Ha!  She loved it!

These are our sweet heart friends, Emily and her sister, Grace, who also has a CHD.  We have known them for several years (since Grace and Andrew both have a CHD we met through our heart group when they were really young).  And I don't think it's a coincidence that we happen to be moving to the same town that they live!  Craig's job he applied for happened to be there and we talked about how funny it would be if that actually happened, and it DID!  We are so grateful to already know an awesome family in town and Mandy (their mama!) has already given me so many tips and insider info I need to know about moving to a new place I'm completely unfamiliar with!  I'd be lost without her!
A new place opened up near us...Scratch cupcakes.  Enough said.  Heavenly!
Enjoying our first baked pancake (thank you Pinterest!)
It was to die for!
Silly girl!  And she loves to brush her teeth!
In honor of the last 6 days of school... I had to chuckle at this note one of my students gave me.  "You cool, fun and you've teached me a lot."  Ha!  Apparently I needed to add some more grammar lessons!

Bring on summer!

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