Monday, May 20, 2013

Little Miss {21 months}

I thought I'd better get this up before she actually turns two!!  Still way behind, but 2 more weeks of school and I'm going to get some much needed catch up time!  So these pictures were taken when she was around 21 months...

My sweet Kerigan... how is this the last post about you before you are TWO!?  Time has just flown these past {almost} 2 years.  You continue to light up our lives and bring more joy than we could have ever imagined.  Your sweet little smile lights up the room and your feistiness and sass make us laugh and we just love every little thing about you!
We didn't go to the doctor this month so I don't have your actual weight, but you are getting heavy!  Sometimes when I pick you up I feel like you and Andrew feel the same!  Ha!  You are still a pretty picky eater, but you will usually try most things if I tell you I will give you "knuckles" (fist bump!)  You love to give us all knuckles all the time.  So I use it to my advantage!  Ha!
You wear mostly size 2T, some 3T and size 6 shoes.  Still a size 5 diaper but you could probably move up.  We are hoping you will be potty trained soon because you show lots of interest and you have been waking up dry most mornings.
You and your brother are two peas in a pod.  Most of the time you get along, but you definitely fight back now!  Andrew will always protect you and give you kisses and hugs if you are getting a consequence from us or if other kids are naughty to you- but he is the first to pick a fight with you as long as he's the one starting it!  Ha!  I think he enjoys that you can play with him now and you two can communicate.  He likes it when you get grumpy and mad sometimes- he laughs at your grouchy faces and when your personality shines through!  You are his little shadow, and you always have to do everything he does.  You want to eat what he's eating, if he gets dressed you want to get dressed, if he's taking a bath... etc... you get the idea.  This can be helpful at times, but other times not so much.  Ha!
Let's talk about shoes... they are definitely your favorite thing.  I brought my shoes along for this photo shoot because I knew you'd love to put them on (and they matched your outfit- bonus!)  You love every kind of shoe, mommy's, daddy's, Andrew's, dress up shoes, boots, etc... it doesn't matter what they are!  You are obsessed.  You always bring shoes to us when it's time to go places.
(I was going to edit out the "owie" on your foot but it seemed appropriate to leave it since you got it wearing a new pair of shoes with no socks!)
Ga Ga bought you this adorable pair of Cinderella glass slippers and you think they are the greatest things on Earth.  You want to wear them all.the.time.  On weekend mornings when you wake up, there's no time for lounging around in your jammies- you take them off right away because you want to wear shoes (and the feet in your jammies just don't work with shoes!)
Lately I've been buying you some adorable "hand me down" shoes in bigger sizes to save for you, and you want to wear them immediately.  You say "I yove (love) it mommy!"  It just melts my heart.  You like to pick your shoes out in the morning and you don't like me to choose for you.  You definitely have a mind of your own.  I can see clothing battles happening in our future!  Ha!
Side note- you love Cinderella too.  You sound so adorable when you say her name.  You always ask to "watch Cindereyya on the big tv!" Yes, you also speak in full sentences- as in more than 5 word sentences.  Your daddy and I can't get over how smart you are and how much your language is growing by the day.  We give most of the credit to your amazing day care center (don't even get me started on how sad I am that we have to leave this place when we move).  You have been in the two year old class for almost 5 months now and you certainly know things most two year olds know.
You have learned the ABC's with only a few omissions, you can count to 10, and you know lots of shapes and colors.  The other day you were playing with a bead on my necklace and you said, "It's an oval mommy!"  I almost fell over.  It was most definitely an oval.  You continue to amaze me every day.

You learn so many songs at day care and you come home singing them all the time.  You think it's kinda cool that I happen to know the songs too!  Ha!  You get this funny look on your face like, how do you know that??  You love Itsy Bitsy Spider, Twinkle Twinkle (which you always start singing when you are on the potty and I tell you to tinkle!), I'm a Little Teapot, and lots more.  Here is a little clip of you singing- it's kind of quiet but you can still hear it.  Pause the blog music at the bottom.

I love how your brother is helping you when you get camera shy!  Ha!

This sweet little smile just melts my heart.  This picture is getting made into a giant canvas and will hang above our bed in our new house.  You just have a sweetness to you that I can't explain.  You are a perfect mix of sweet and sassy.  Your eyes are just captivating.  
We painted your nails for the first time at a friends house.  And wow did I love that mother-daughter time!
You were totally into it and loved getting all fancy!  You knew we were doing something special and girly.  I just loved it!

You held really still and watched my every move.

You were so happy looking at your "pretty" nails!
This was one of those moments I couldn't wait to share with my baby girl.  I just love having a sweet daughter to do these girly things with!  I needed you more than you'll ever know, sweet girl!  Daddy and Andrew can watch sports and my girl and I can have our time!  Ha!

Baby, you are growing up.  Soon I won't be able to call you "baby" anymore.  Where does the time go?  It seems like just yesterday I was holding you in my arms for the first time, or snuggling with you at midnight feeding time while watching marathons of "family feud!"  You have grown up to be a pretty amazing 21 month old.  I just want to freeze time because I love this age so much!  But I know we have only more fun and memories to come, baby girl!

And I can't wait.

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