Tuesday, May 21, 2013

spring phone dump #1

So it's a sign that I'm majorly behind in updating when there are pictures from my phone dated back in March!  I had to get this posted because we have done so much since all these were taken and I'm finding myself going crazy with lack of time and getting behind.  Not just in blogging, but in life in general.  School can't be over soon enough 9 days so I can have more time to get things accomplished and get our house packed and hopefully SOLD!!  So here we go... most random update ever.
Andrew attended a birthday party for his buddy Hudson at one of our favorite establishments... Cherry Berry frozen yogurt!
It was a great place to have a party!  Load up your frozen yogurt any way you'd like and not worry about messing up your house!  Ha!
I just want to remember this.  My good friend, John, that I taught with the past four years at my other school (who I miss dearly and who reminded me of my dad!) always drew Snoopy on his board like this with little messages for his students in the mornings.  Since I've changed buildings, I don't see him much anymore.  We still keep in touch through emails and things, but he comes to meetings at my school a few times a year but my meetings are in another building so we always miss each other.  He was always leaving me messages and notes, and one day I walked in and found this on my board!  It was so funny.  The next morning my class thought I wrote it about myself- Ha!  We have kept Snoopy up the rest of the year and I write new things for my students each day.  I love the reminder of the fun we always had (it's the FUN part of teaching that's missing!  But that's an update for another time!)
Little Miss has been showing lots of interest in the potty and has been staying dry overnight.  I just can't believe it!  
She's always carrying something around the house- a purse, her babies, shoes, etc.
For Earth Day Andrew's class watched The Lorax and he came home with this mustache!  I thought it was so cute!  He's saying "I speak for the trees!"
Chillin and watching the Lorax again!  Kerigan loves to sit up on the couch with her Bubba!
She also likes to sit with her daddy and sometimes fall asleep!  She gets sleepy before it's her naptime on the weekends and before we know it, she'll crash on the couch.
Daddy and Andrew took an afternoon nap one day too!  This is rare for Andrew!
I love this- watching TV and Kerigan is decked out in my shoes and bracelet!  Ha!  Like I said, the girl has to accessorize whether she's in jammies or not!
I feel like they are always laying like this!  Usually it's in the morning before we leave for school and I'm rushing around trying to get us all ready (but of course I can always take time for a picture!  Ha!)
Another morning before school- so sweet!  Watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.  Kerigan is obsessed with it.  Andrew likes it okay, but he'd rather watch Ninja Turtles.  He is always sweet and lets her watch Mickey though.  They take turns, and Kerigan will always say "MY turn!"  Ha!
Yes, St Patty's Day was forever ago, but I'm that behind people!  We set a trap for the leprechauns.  Andrew was so excited!
When we got back home, the leprechaun had come!  He brought Andrew and Kerigan a couple of surprises.  Andrew did not stop talking about it!  He loved it!  He kept looking all over for the leprechaun. 
These two like to play on the computer.  Kerigan watches for a while, but pretty soon she wants to participate and Andrew gets so annoyed!  Ha!  Her face just says it all!
Can you say... stinker??
One day I was at the computer when there was tons of laundry to be put away thrown all over our bed (yes, I promise one of these days I'm going to take pictures of our house in disarray, because everyone thinks it's immaculate all the time!  Those just tend to be the times I take pictures!)  But see exhibit A in the background of this photo!  Ha!  Anyway, he comes running around the corner in Kerigan's shirt!  I about died laughing.  Mom's BFF!  Ha!
Eating at a favorite restaurant- Hickory Park.  Andrew likes to pick out little candies and put in his bag on the way out and they have this neat seating area with a TV playing old fashioned cartoons.  The kids love it!  (Ignore the winter coats... we are wearing shorts now!)

Spring decided to show up a little late but we made our way to the park a few times before the snow hit again!  (Yep, we had snow in May.  That's Iowa, folks!)
Kerigan loves her little car!
She is getting independent on the play equipment now, which is so nice!
Andrew loves to ride his new Angry Birds bike he got for Christmas from Papa.  I think this was the first time we had it out this season.
People keep asking me about how our house hunting/selling is going.  I've been quiet, not for any other reason besides the fact I am trying to keep my head above water with keeping the house clean and getting frustrated that we've had no offers.  But, we do have an offer accepted on our future house, and we all love it!  This was taken the night we made our offer at the little park that is near our home.  We picked up a picnic supper (yes, I consider Wendy's a picnic!  Ha!) and ate it at the park.  There is a pond and walking trail right in our backyard.  It is a perfect setting and we can't wait to move!  Just waiting for a buyer!
The playground is really nice- the kids both loved it!

So only in Iowa would you be wearing shorts and tank tops one day (it was low 80's), and literally 2 days later... you get this.  Back to winter coats.  (Do you all see why I'm going nuts!?  Ha!)  I just got the winter stuff packed away and needed it back out again.  Seriously Mother Nature??  I told Andrew to look surprised- this isn't exactly what I had in mind- Ha!
We got about 3 inches!  It was May 3.  Just for documentation purposes.  It only lasted a day, but still.  Definitely a spring to remember.
The wetsuits arrived for our trip to the Great Wolf Lodge (which we just returned from!)  The kids were practicing wearing them, and Kerigan wouldn't take hers off!  I think she would have slept in it if I had let her!

And this was just a sweet moment of sibling love.  They did it all on their own- no prompting from me. Yes Kerigan has no pants on.  But she's got some super cute new sparkly shoes she was trying on!

Believe it or not... I have another phone update coming soon.  I couldn't fit everything in to this one!  I promise I'll be caught up soon!

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